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Right now Schmitty, the real New Yorkie  and her friend Pudge would like to take you on a tour of New York City. Schmitty and Pudge are most excellent tour guides. Enjoy the tour.


I made a place in my heart for Schmitty the very first time I saw the first video of Schmitty the Weather Dog and Ron Trotta giving the weather for the New York and surrounding areas.

They give the weather report from really neat places. Schmitty always has a special costume or collar to display. In some of the videos Schmitty even says goodbye to the folks. Most recently Schmitty has thought bubbles added which I found very funny.

If you would like to know what got Schmitty started on her many adventures serving both humans and canines please visit her here at her wonderful website.

I hope you will enjoy these videos of Schmitty the Weather Dog and Ron Trotta as much as I have. At this writing YouTube says there are 209 Schmitty the Weather Dog videos there. I won’t be putting them all up here of course.

If you would like to check out other Schmitty the Weather Dog videos along with Ron Trotta please visit them at


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