Funny Baby Pigs

I enjoy watching these funny baby pigs so much.

Animals can be so funny sometimes. I never grow tired of “animal humor.” Here are some very cute and funny baby pigs. If you’re like me you will see it a number of times. It’s too bad you can’t just keep them and raise them up like puppies.

I was raised on a farm. We had the usual array of farm animals including baby pigs most of which turned out to by our pet baby pigs. While I always knew baby pigs were cute, they never really struck me as funny unless it was when they accidentally ran into the electric fence.

When I saw this short video of some really funny baby pigs, I changed my mind. Take a look. It’s only 35 seconds long. I guarantee you will come away laughing.

Click following link to see the Video

Piglet Ears React to Sound

Again, it’s only 35 seconds and absolutely too funny. Normally I would give credit to the creator but you will be at the web page anyway. Enjoy!

Bill Beavers

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7 Responses to “Funny Baby Pigs”

  1. Bill,
    That is a fantastic video with the pig’s ears reacting to voices. Carol and I laughed our tails off!

    Thanks for posting that, great blog

    Denis Foley

  2. This is too cute. We raised many pigs on the farm when I was a child and we used to do this to get the ear reaction. They are so very cute. The momma sow, not so much. I still have a scar on my leg from one. Just didn’t jump the fence fast enough. And that after I stayed up all night helping her birth 14 piglets. Ungrateful pig! :0)Keep up the cool vids.

  3. Hi Carol and Denis,

    Thanks for your comments. Yes I was raised on a farm and I can remember having to jump many fences as a kid. Maybe it was a form of adventure at that time in life. Farm life can get rather boring sometimes and the pets and animals could be very adventurous and entertaining at times.

    Thanks again,


  4. Hi guys,

    This is a great blog, i stumbled upon it today. I love baby pigs sooooo cute. Very intelligent too, sometimes a bit too intelligent….i’m sure i can see them scheming away lol !

  5. Hi Gary, Many thanks for your comment and I’m glad you enjoyed it. I visit it again and again from time to time because it is just to darn funny. All the best.

  6. That it is actually a nice valuable part of details. I am glad you shared this useful details along with us. Make sure you keep informed such as this. Many thanks sharing.

  7. The video was really funny. I love pigs and farming is my way of life. Keep up the good work!

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