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Heavy Duty Dog Crates Your Best Way to manage High Anxiety dogs

Find out how you can get control of your home again. Take your freedom back!

Do you hate coming home to surprises your dog has left for you? 10 minutes after you put him in his crate and leave for work he escapes. He proceeds to treat your house as his private demolition derby. This is what happens when your escape artist dog is not kept in the strongest of heavy duty dog crates.

It’s not just to protect your valuable property, your things, your “stuff.” It will also protect your dog as well. There are things left out on counters in our homes that can kill a dog or at least become the cause for expensive surgery.

We’ve probably already heard your story before. You can easily imagine that after 8 plus years offering Heavy Duty Dog Crates to dog owners with separation anxiety and noise phobic dogs I’ve heard some stories!

Separation Anxiety dog destroys favorite chairThere’s nothing more gut-wrenching than arriving home to find your home looking as if it has been vandalized. But no, it wasn’t vandals. It was you ever so loveable angelic big strong dog that escaped his crate once again.

If you’re lucky there is a mess in the kitchen where he turned the trash can over. There’s a couple of your favorite shoes chewed into a shape that is unrecognizable except only to a sci-fi writer. Toys everywhere, an awful odor coming from your bedroom and the story goes on. And, this is “if you’re lucky.”

If you aren’t so lucky, you arrive home to an awful smell when you first open the door. You find a sad, guilty and sick canine staring at you with that “I didn’t mean to do it” look on his face. It’s true. He couldn’t help himself.

Sample of damage from escape artist.There is trash everywhere, but worse, he found some medication you left of the kitchen counter. Now there are green puddles of doggie vomit everywhere from what could be a very sick dog. You call the Vet, rush right over and you can fill in the blanks from there. There are so many possibilities of what you may find upon arriving home when you have a separation anxiety or noise phobic dog. Absolutely none of it is good.

With a sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach you know it’s not going to end well. But, after a couple of hours at the Vet’s office, you are told that if you had gotten him in 30 minutes later it would have been too late.

At this point, you are at your wit’s end as to what to do to prevent this from ever happening again. He just escaped his third crate. The first was a simple wire crate. It actually took him 2 days to figure out that he could escape. The next one was a stronger wire crate. It took him 3 days to escape that crate. Then you turned to a big beautiful plastic dog crate. They look so strong, don’t they?

After just a few days he either popped the wire door off or lacking the ability to pop the door, he proceeded to chew through the plastic wall. It only took him 3 days to accomplish that.

And despite hiring a dog trainer, purchasing new crates and even locking him in the basement, nothing seems to work for your escape artist dog. What to do, what to do.

You could board him out for 8 hours a day but that is expensive. You could come home at lunch each day and walk him but that won’t always be possible. You could hire a neighbor to check on him a couple times a day and take him outside for his business but can you trust the neighbor to do the job plus that can be expensive too.

The big problem with these approaches is that they are quite often impossible to maintain and they make you feel downright miserable when they don’t succeed.

The fact is, very few on these potential solutions ever work, if any. Many a trainer has given up before he/she starts to try to get your dog past his canine separation anxiety issues. The medication didn’t work plus who wants to dumb down their dog every day. The daily boarding or dog sitter idea is expensive. You have already tried the strongest crates available at your local pet stores. It has become mentally and emotionally draining. What to do?

Don’t Give Up!

Heavy duty dog crate with settled dog.You have to stay motivated. That dog is angelic when you’re home plus, he is your responsibility. If you return him to the rescue agency you know what will eventually happen to him. His separation anxiety isn’t going away with new dog parents. Besides, you now have such an investment in time, money and love that you couldn’t possibly give him up.

What is the solution?

I’m so excited to be able to share our line of Heavy Duty Dog Crate solutions with you.

The Schlage Deadbolt is the best way to keep crate doors closed.

Schlage Deadbolts mean our crate doors stay closed!

A truly heavy duty dog crate will contain your dog from the time you put him into it to the time you arrive back home. Think about it: You arrive home for lunch or from work and for the first time your dog is right where you left him this morning. Hurray!

He hasn’t chewed anything. He hasn’t destroyed any furniture. He hasn’t chewed a hole in the wall or removed a patch of carpet at the front door. He hasn’t gotten into any of your medication. He is just there, in his heavy duty dog crate, waiting for you to release him so he can give you long-awaited doggie hugs and kisses.

Let me be clear about this

The heavy-duty dog crate solution is not a cure. It is a management tool. You would still be working on solutions for his separation anxiety personally or with a trainer. Meanwhile, he is safe, secure and so is your home and property.

Here at  we’ve been helping canine separation anxiety dogs and their families with solutions for over 8 years. Most of their stories and situations are quite similar. We have heard from a number of our customers about how quickly their dog seems to have settled in their safe and secure heavy duty dog crate. Once your dog finds that he cannot get out of his dog crate, most will settle down to a relaxing day while anticipating your return home. Dog owners look to us to provide the best and latest designs in heavy duty dog crates for their strong dogs with canine separation anxiety.

Heavy Duty Dog Crates have proven over and over to be the best way to manage K9 separation anxiety.

Failure is not an option

A great looking aluminum heavy duty dog crate from

Heavy Duty Aluminum Dog Crate. No more escapes-Looks like furniture.

The right dog crate is literally the difference between success and failure. It affects the entire family, the home environment and your dogs’ life.

With our Heavy Duty steel & aluminum dog crates, you will have the latest in dog crate technology. The aluminum crates are lightweight, attractive yet strong enough to contain your dog. There is a minimum of things for your dog to chew on that could hurt him while in his crate.

Our line of Xtreme®Dog Crates is made of the strongest 4.5 gauge welded steel wire which is supported by 16 gauge x 1″ super-strong square tubular frames. These crates will hold anything you are strong enough to put inside them.

As a bonus, our steel crates are collapsible in that they assemble and

Heavy Duty Dog Crate by Xtreme from

Heavy Duty welded steel wire crate holds anything you can put into them!

disassemble in less than 5 minutes: No Tools Required! They have a 10-year no escape warranty. They have a super-tough long-lasting layer of powder coating to keep the crate looking fresh and new for years to come.

There are many reasons why you should have and use our aluminum heavy duty dog crates but I won’t go over each one here. I would refer you to our heavy duty dog crate page where you can see each crate up close and read about all the brilliant features these beautiful crates bring to your home.

Let’s take a look at how to introduce your dog to his new heavy duty crate. Do not put your dog in his new dog crate and leave home for hours. Introduce your dog to his crate slowly allowing him to be confined for a few minutes then come home and check on him, let him out. Repeat this procedure leaving him in the crate longer each time. This probably means using the weekend to make the introduction. The design of these heavy duty crates has been reported to cause dogs to relax quicker. The fact that these crates allow your dog to see a full 360 degrees helps them to relax and settle faster than they might in other more closed in crate designs.

Just remember that one of these heavy duty dog crates is far less expensive than a new couch, a large doggie dental bill or many of the dozens of other negative possibilities that can occur when a separation anxiety dog is left to his own creativity in the wrong dog crate.

Imagine coming home to a relaxed dog eagerly awaiting the opportunity to be with you. You can now exhale when you see your dog in his crate right where you left him.

Get all the features and details about these handsome cutting-edge heavy duty dog crates then, order yours today.

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  1. Hello Andrea, Thank you for your comment. I’m not sure what you are saying exactly when you say “hand them off.” They were already handed off. That’s why they were adopted from a shelter. After almost 6 years in the heavy duty crate business I can assure you that 99.9% of separation anxiety dogs are shelter dogs. Crates are a way to not only protect property but protect the dog. Adopted shelter dogs are rarely puppies. I firmly agree that love, caring and affection will raise a wonderful dog and in most cases free of anxiety.

  2. Thank you for your response Bill. To clarify I mean people will go to shelters and get a dog without enough knowledge on what it may take to nurture and love an animal from a shelter and I think it’s important to be informed before making this big decision because a lot of times people will end up getting frustrated with a dog that perhaps has separation anxiety and end up getting rid of the dog. i.e. like a foster child who get’s passed around to too many homes. It will have a profound effect on the innocent child. Just as it will with the innocent dog. So do your research.

  3. Wow, that would be a lot easier than the traditional carriers with screws. I could have used that over a week ago. Breaks down a lot easier.

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