ZENYATTA  2010 Santa Margarita Handicap a textbook example

Enjoy this short video of Zenyatta the 2010 Santa Margarita Handicap a textbook example of what we all love to see horses do and people too I suppose.

My wife tells me often how much fun she had at the horse races. That was before she met me of course. Personally, I’ve never seen one live. After seeing this video I really want to go to the races. This is a textbook example of horse racing, the stuff movies are made off. Take a few minutes, horse racing fan or not, and enjoy this race and this fabulous horse. Some things just don’t happen often in life so enjoy them when you can.


I hope you enjoyed the great Zenyatta at the 2010 Santa Margarita Handicap. What a fantastic horse. Well done!

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