The Fawn

My son, Danny, found an orphaned fawn on the ranch he worked on.  It was a newborn.  He took it home and raised it on a baby bottle until it was grown.  It was an amazing experience for our whole family.

His name was Skippy.  :)  I have wonderful photos and video of my granddaughters running and playing with him through the sprinklers.

Finally, Danny had to let him go back to the “wild”.  He put a “dayglow” ear tag on his ear and told everyone if they shot him…he’d deal with them, personally.  Danny is 6′5″ and about 250 lbs.dannydeer

Skippy didn’t want to go.   He was always around waiting to be hand fed corn, etc.  He finally disappeared.  It was good and bad.  We never knew what happened to him.  One night, I got out of the pickup and it was pitch dark and he came up and nudged me.  Scared me, but I turned around and was able to hug him.

Looking back, it’s really not good to domesticate a wild animal…no matter what.. but this little deer wouldn’t have made it without Danny becoming a surrogate mother.  He was really like a little dog.  We watched his antlers grow.  It was a unique experience

Special Note: Ann was called home a few months after she did this post. She had a wonderful life and so many great stories. She left too soon. Heaven and Northeastern Texas will never the the same.

Guest Post by Ann Clark

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