Thanksgiving in West Texas Circa 1810

Thanksgiving, it’s always a big deal in my family and really the one time we all get together. I have 2 sons…and most of the time…the wives want to go to their families on holidays. The thing my oldest son has always loved about the holiday…is to sit at the table and listen to the old stories about the family.

There are the really old stories about when my great aunt lived out in West Texas on a ranch and had all Cowboycirca1929these children. Her youngest was walking around and was bitten by a rattlesnake on the foot. Her husband took off on horseback to get a doctor. It’s always a spellbinding story. They grabbed live chickens, split them open and stuck the child’s foot inside the bird to try to filter out the poison. It didn’t work…the child died. I have a lot of old stories. Perhaps there will be more to follow.

Not too long after Ann Clark sent me this story she was called home. She had so many great stories from her past. We miss you terribly Ann. Heaven and Texas will never the the same.

Guest Post by Ann Clark

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