Kids in the Deep South A Wild Time

Bill, you and I were both kids in the deep south.  We lived in the Huck Finn days, almost, of when us kids were …barefoot and fishing…and getting nickle cokes out out of the machine at the gas station.  I remember when we first met…online…and us talking about seeing black panthers…(or cougars).  Few people know that they were around back then….and still are in certain areas.  A black panther?

My son and I were not sure what we had seen and contacted the Texas Wildlife Commission …started researching it on the internet…it was an eye opening thing…and, also, a sad thing …about how limited they are in their area.

One time, we were down in the deep woods and heard two buck deer…. fighting…their antlers crashing against each other.  We walked back to his truck…and I saw a mountain lion following us.  I know this sounds nuts, but it was a wild place.

Ann Clarke was called home not too long after she wrote this. All who knew her miss her. She was so full of life and spirit. Heaven and North Eastern Texas will never be the same.

Guest Post by Ann Clark

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