What You Must Know Before You Buy a Horse

I recently found an article by someone I know to be an Equine expert. The subject and the manner in which it is written made it perfect for my blog. I am making it available to all those who are thinking there may be a horse in your future. The article is very straight forward which I also appreciated. If it is of interest to you take a moment to visit Lynn’s blog. Enjoy this  informational article about what you must know before you buy a horse. Photo is Lynn with Bo and Swizzle.   Photo credit topshelfphotos.

What You Must Know Before You Buy a Horse by Lynn Baber

Horses dominate the dreams of many youngsters, and increasingly, the aspirations of more mature ‘kids.’ It has been reported that the fastest growing segment of the equine community is women over age fifty. There are, however, a few things you must know before making yours a horse family.

Horses are noble, powerful, graceful, forgiving, and the best barometer possible when testing our leadership skills. It is small wonder that many folks consider adding a horse to their families. If you have the financial wherewithal to buy and maintain a horse, please consider the following before scheduling your first test ride: You can have a horse or you can have a life, but you can’t have both.

Horses are herd animals.

Horses must have companionship to be healthy and balanced. There is no worse sentence for a horse than solitary confinement, whether they are alone in a fifty-acre pasture or a luxury box stall at the boarding stable. If your horse will not be part of a herd, then you must commit to spending a large part of every day in the company of your horse. Anything less is cruelty.

Your friendships will be with other horse enthusiasts.

In order to do justice to your relationship with your horse you will no longer be spending time on the tennis court, at the dance studio, on the softball field or having lunch with your buddies. That is, of course, unless your friends walk through the eatery door with clinking spurs or dusty boots. If you are married, be sure your spouse either shares your passion for horses or won’t notice you aren’t home much anymore.

Your calendar will revolve around barn activities.

Parties will be either at the barn or in the great outdoors; dining al fresco under a shade tree while your pony munches on some choice bits of grass or from the hay bag you packed along. Your appointments will now include the farrier, the veterinarian, worming dates, vaccination schedules and competition paperwork deadlines should you choose to challenge others in equestrian pursuits.

Everything in life will be viewed through glasses marked “horse.”

Magazines will no longer hold any interest for you unless there is an attractive horse on the cover. Your fixation on diets and nutrition will change from human to equine. You will begin to notice every horse in every field from home to work to the grocery store. You will begin to critique the way horses on TV and in the movies are handled.

You can’t pick up and put down a horse like a sketchpad. If discipline and commitment aren’t qualities you have in spades, perhaps you might want to rethink the horse thing again.

Adding a horse to your family without a bone-deep love of everything equine only sets you up for a huge guilt-trip and some poor horse to a life of neglect.

If you’ve made it this far and are still itching to become a horse-owner, then you have a singularly joyous surprise ahead. There is little that compares to a wind-through-your-hair gallop shared with your best friend. When you know what it means to have ‘hoofprints on your heart,” you will be truly blessed.

Lynn Baber is a Christian writer and retired equine professional. Highly credentialed in issues of leadership, relationships and most things equine, Lynn has a unique perspective not found elsewhere, whether the topic is achieving personal success or training stallions. Lynn’s latest book on pursuing relationships with God, horses and one another is scheduled for release in 2010.

Visit http://AmazingGrays.us for more information or to request free excerpts from the book. Lynn’s blog is found at http://LynnBaber.net.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Lynn_Baber

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  1. Carol Hansen says:

    This is a great article. I agree with every point she made. Horses are not just pets, they are a BIG commitment of love, time and money. Thanks for sharing.

    Carol and Bert
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