Patches the Horse

It’s been said that Patches the Horse is a Colts fan. Now I’m not much of a sports person but I do enjoy horses. I know many have seen this video before. I thought it special enough that I wanted to have it on the site for any who haven’t seen it. Patches made history for a while enjoying his 15 minutes of fame. He took the internet and YouTube by storm. I believe he may have even made it to network TV for a story or two, all well deserved I’m sure.


I would never put up a video of any animal being mistreated. Now I’m sure Patches gets more to eat than hamburgers. I sure he has anything he wants when he get back to the barn. Heck, that Cadillac probably drops him off right at the front door, don’t ya know.

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2 Responses to “Patches the Horse”

  1. This one takes the cake… er…. the hamburger! I’m going to steal it and put it up on my site, .


  2. Hi Lynn, glad you enjoyed that and feel free to use it and pass it on. It is unique and enjoyable. Appreciate your comment and your visit.

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