Horsepower a Video from Martin Clunes Amazing

Yes, it’s all about trust the bond horses have with a human. See it work here in this most excellent video Horsepower a video from Martin Clunes amazing and amazing it is too.

It’s all about love for the horse. Just like other animals they can recognize love. They repay in kind over and over for their entire lives.

Watch these horses enjoy a day at the beach.


The still photo shown here is Lynn Baber and her special horse Bo in a moment of shared love and companionship. Lynn is an excellent writer and has some books out all about relationships: horses, God and humans. Check out her blog Lynn – Simple Truth Simple Faith. Read her credentials – ask her a question or make a comment on some of her wonderful posts.

I know you enjoyed Horsepower a video from Martin Clunes and found it amazing just as I did. So if there is a horse in your future or if you have one or more right now, you can see what is possible just with love and a bit of training and probably a lot of time. “A pony is a childhood dream. A horse is an adult pleasure.”

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4 Responses to “Horsepower a Video from Martin Clunes Amazing”

  1. Thank you , Bill, for your kind words. In my absence Bo is the leader of our herd and loves any and all attention!
    This video is beautiful. Each time I see it I am inspired. The last quote in your piece is so true and popped this human relationship analogy into my head; “A wedding is a childhood dream. A blessed marriage is an adult pleasure.”

  2. bill holmes says:

    I have seen a i hour episode of Horsepower with Martin Clune on PBS. I know I missed a second episode last week. It does not appear that any other episodes are scheduled. Is it possible to purchase a video of these episodes for use in North America? How long is the series?

    Thanks for your help. . . Bill

  3. I too would like to purchase this video

  4. Kathy Jans-Duffy says:

    I would love to have a viseo or DVD ofthe program or will it be shown again ?

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