Adding Bling to your Western Boots for Fun and Function

If you use your boots while working with horses here’s some great ideas to dress your boots for that authentic old style cowboy look.

Add some bling to your boots with or without spurs using the Dove Wing Slip-on Spur Straps and conchas from Buckaroo Leather.

Because these are slip-on straps you can use them on your daily work boots then change them to that nicer pair for other occasions. Did you know that you can get spurs at Buckaroo Leather too including the kind that put a jingle in each step.

No matter where you wear your western boots you will enjoy this video showing you how to dress up your western boots.



While you’re there check out some of the other “all American Made” horse tack made from “all American Made” leather. And, if you need something special that you don’t see here on the website, give Buckaroo John and call and discuss it. He can help.

Lastly, the powers to be want me to let you know that should you purchase something at Buckaroo Leather I may receive a commission on that sale.

Adding Bling to your Western Boots for Fun and Function is easy when you know where to go for the proper solutions.

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2 Responses to “Adding Bling to your Western Boots for Fun and Function”

  1. Would like to know how to bling up my western boots

  2. Hey Bill. Great tips and I love the video! I’m loving western boots right now so this is a great tips for making them even more unique.

    Thanks 😉

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