10 Suggestions for Winterizing your RV

Here are 10 suggestions for winterizing your RV. Most RVs may be in storage already. Did you remember to do all these things before storing your investment for the winter? You can prevent unnecessary spring maintenance expenses by taking a few preventative measures right now.


Water levels in all batteries need to be checked before storage. Low water levels can affect battery life. Follow manufacturer’s guidelines to top off all cells. This will add perhaps a year to battery life. Make sure all batteries are free from dirt. Enough dirt on a battery can create a connection between the positive and negative terminals slowly draining your battery while in storage, an unwelcome surprise for spring.

Drain your tanks. When winterizing your RV be sure that all tanks are drained completely and refilled to 1/4 full with manufacturer recommended additives.

Install manufacturer-recommended additives into all water lines to keep from freezing. Perform standard manufacturer-recommended service on the engine’s heating and cooling system.


Anytime the coach is in storage you should cover your tires. This will prevent cracking which results from daily exposure to UV rays. You can use slip over covers or something as simple as plywood leaning against the tires to block the sun. Properly winterizing your RV can save you some serious cash.


Keep the insects from building their winter condos in your furnace and heater access panel areas. The mud and dirt they leave behind in the spring will result in additional costs to clean.

Spiders love to make their homes in the vents, especially the water heater vent. Cover all vents. Spider webs will significantly reduce efficiency when the heater is restarted after storage.


 Before storage, you should roll out your awnings. Wash them then make sure they are completely dry. This will prevent mildew from leaving a lasting impression on your awning.

Have your vents checked for leaks before storage? A small leak before storage will result in a big leak when the RV comes out of storage.

A whole roof cover is a great investment because it can add years to the life of your roof and your coach. It prevents premature cracking of the rubber roof covering material.

You probably know this already but here it is again. Leave the refrigerator/freezer doors open just a bit. You will need to put something on the door to make sure it doesn’t close by itself. This is a preventative measure against mold and mildew inside your refrigerator.

Your RV investment deserves the best in preventative maintenance you can provide. If you have not yet done so, find a great RV mechanic and stick with him. He can save you tons of cash over the life of your coach. Look for your dependable RV mechanic at places that provide parts and service but do not sell recreational vehicles.  Their primary focus is service, parts and preventative maintenance.

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Extend the life of your RV with these 10 suggestions for winterizing your RV. Coming soon, 10 things to consider when bringing your RV out of winter storage and getting it ready for the road in the spring.

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