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XXL True Heavy Duty Dog Crates by Xtreme®

To find true XXL heavy duty dog crates, you will need to do some searching as you have found out by now. If you haven’t been fooled by all the claims found on the major online eCommerce sites, you have happened across our products. We are specialists at producing the strongest XXL true heavy duty dog crates.

All our crate products are Made in the USA!

What Do We Consider XXL

How about a 60″ X 60″ X 52″ high? It is extremely difficult to graspXXL Heavy Duty Dog Crate by Xtreme from Carrymydog.com the size of any crate without something sitting close to it for perspective. That’s why we decided to place the lady inside the crate. As you can see, this truly is an XXL heavy duty crate.

This was a custom crate because the buyer asked for double deadbolts and vertical tubes on each side of the door.

All our crates come with only one non-keyed deadbolt on the door. If our doors needed more deadbolts, we would provide them, but they don’t. Additional deadbolts are for the customer’s peace of mind.

You can see all of our sizes over at carrymydog.com, the only authorized dealer for Xtreme® Dog Crates and kennels. Our XXL sizes sell more often than our smaller sizes. If you have a large breed dog with separation anxiety or not, he or she needs a place of their own to relax. Your dog may be just fine now, sleeping in the wire crate you got him or her. There is a distinct possibility that one day they will get bored and walk out of the crate. Many times the damage the dog can do is higher than the cost of one of our crates.

XXL Crate Options

Yes, we have some smaller sizes that are still considered XXL crates. We have sizes from 36″ up to 60″ without going custom. And, we have various options such as;

  • The end door is standard – Side Doors are optional.
  • One non-keyed deadbolt is standard. Several deadbolt configurations are available.
  • The standard color is Copper Vein (a Copper-ish Brown). Black and Gray are optional.
  • Items referred to as Optional or Available items will be at an additional charge.

For you that are searching for the right XXL heavy duty dog crate let me leave you with a truism.

“If a $200 crate would hold your dog, everyone would be selling $200 crates!”

Find out more about true XXL heavy duty dog crates here.

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2 Responses to “XXL Heavy Duty Dog Crates Getting Serious”

  1. Ann M Shannon says:

    Good evening MR Bell Beavers
    I Have a Giant Schnauzer and she is grown bigger and Stronger everyday so I need a heavy duty cage for her I saw your cage on YouTube


  2. Bill Beavers says:

    Hello Ann,
    You can find all the information you want over at https://www.carrymydog.com/strongest-heavy-duty-dog-crate-escape-proof-indestructible?variantId=701. And, you can always call me with any questions at 800-640-1364. Thanks very much for your comment. All the best, Bill carrymydog.com

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