Will the Real Strongest Commercial Grade Heavy Duty Dog Crate Cage Kennel Please Stand Up

Will the Real Strongest Commercial Grade Heavy Duty Dog Crate Cage Kennel Please Stand Up shows why you need this heavy duty dog crate if your dog has Canine Separation anxiety, Noise Phobia or any of the other Canine Anxiety issues. The use of heavy duty dog crates is a way improve quality of life for your dog, for you and for your family. Actually, a heavy duty dog crate could save your dog’s life.
While this is still one of our best selling Heavy Duty dog crates we would ask you to look at what we call the “Evolution of the Heavy Duty Dog Crate.” You will find more strength, longer and better warranties and Collapsible crate mobility too.

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 Our real strongest commercial grade heavy duty dog crates are available in 37″ and 42″ sizes.

Our “Strong” commercial grade heavy duty dog crates are available in 36″, 42″ and 48″ sizes.

Our “Super-Duty” heavy duty dog crates are available up to 50″ including 2 48″ models all with 3 Year Mfrs warranty. Your dog breaks it – We replace it!

Separation Anxiety in dogs seems to be on the rise. A couple of years ago you could not get a strong commercial grade heavy duty dog crate at a reasonable price or perhaps not at all.

With all the storms this spring I’ve seen an increase in sales of our strongest heavy duty dog crates due to thunder noise. Dogs are shivering from noise phobia all around the country but especially now in the mid-western United States.

What you will find when you Google Heavy Duty Dog Crates

These days when you Google “Heavy Duty Dog Crates” you will find a number of opportunities to fulfill your need for a Separation Anxiety management tool, our strongest heavy duty dog crate.

You can find any or all of the following;

strongest heavy duty dog crate door latch

Strongest heavy duty dog crate cage door latch

  • Real heavy duty dog crates
  • Wire dog crates
  • Wire dog crates with thicker wire therefore claiming to be heavy duty dog crates
  • Wire dog crates that say they are heavy duty dog crates
  • Plastic dog crates that claim to be heavy duty dog crates
  • Heavy duty dog crates that claim that they are the strongest
  • Aluminum and Stainless Steel dog crates
  • And other types all claiming to be heavy duty dog crates and some claiming to the the strongest heavy duty dog crates.

Of course, they can’t all be the strongest commercial grade heavy duty dog crates now can they.

A word about human nature and Canine Anxiety Issues

From my experience serving the Strongest Heavy Duty Dog Crate market the majority of separation anxiety issues seem to be found in rescue dogs. I’m sure we can all imagine why that happens. The owners of these separation anxiety rescue dogs are the most loyal owners ever. They spend extra time and money to assure a good life for their deserving rescue dog.

Loyalty to the rescue dog is extremely important because the job is sometimes big, the mountain is high and the road to recovery can be long. I’ve heard some great stories, mostly sad, about such wonderful dogs. It makes you want to just reach out and hug them and tell them it will be alright. Just pinch their little cheeks. Their human parents will need to do that for me.

On a side note: The first thing the new dog owner does is go out and buy a wire dog crate. The dog then chews and escapes from that dog crate. Then the new dog owner buys their second wire dog crate.

Heavy Duty Dog Crate 20 gauge tube

Strong 20 gauge uprights welded at both endsor chews through the wire dog crate they go out again and buy or order a bigger or stronger wire dog crate.

When the dog escapes or chews through the second dog crate some owners will start their research on canine anxiety and they may find a strong heavy duty dog crate. Many do not. Most of my customers have 3 destroyed crates in their garage and have thrown their hands up in frustration. Stories of plastic ties, duct tape, twist ties, bungie cords and more are told regarding the effort to make a wire crate hold their separation anxiety dog. A heavy duty dog crate is needed after that first wire crate bites the dust.

Clearly, wire dog crates are not bad crates. They are meant to contain dogs without canine anxiety issues especially separation anxiety. It’s just that simple.

Our strongest heavy duty dog crate is a larger crate typically for the larger stronger canine. The crate may simply contain a healthy strong dog or, it may be used as a tool to manage separation anxiety or some other type of anxiety in dogs. Most often it is used to manage separation anxiety in strong dogs.

Strongest commercial grade heavy duty dog crate cage kennel

The strongest heavy duty dog crate, some say the world’s strongest heavy duty dog crate, is made from 20 gauge steel tubing, virtually each piece of tubing welded everywhere metal touches metal.

  • It will have 4 industrial style locking wheels which you will find very helpful in daily use.

    Strongest Heavy Duty Dog Crate lockable industrial style wheel

    Super strong industrial style lockable wheels

  • It will have strong door locks to prevent your escape artist dog from living his fantasy(escaping).
  • The finish on the metal will be rust resistant Hammertone.
  • The walls, top and bottom will be reinforced and welded.
  • All tubes will be welded at both ends.
  • It will have a strong metal pan.
  • It will have a close grid platform for the dog to stand or lay on with or without his bedding.

Most of all, a really good strong commercial grade heavy duty dog crate cage kennel should be the last heavy duty dog crate you will ever need if you get the right one the first time. Yes, it will be that good and that strong.

With our strongest heavy duty dog crate there will be NO MORE;

  • Walking his wire dog crate across the room while you’re gone.
  • Escaping through the door of the wire dog crate, the most vulnerable part of most wire dog crates.
  • Broken, damaged or missing teeth from chewing his way out of his wire dog crate.
  • Blood trails from his wire dog crate to your front door when you get home.
  • Wire dog crate related vet bills
  • Property damage resulting from his escaping from the wire dog crate while you were at work.
  • And my biggest fear for strong dogs in wire dog crates, after they manage to push their head out of the wire dog crate they can’t pull their head back in and the broken wire pushes at the neck causing bleeding.

Wire crates are just fine for most dogs. If your dog has escaped from just one wire dog crate the chances are quite good that buying another wire dog crate won’t solve your problem.

I will be providing more information regarding “Will the Real Strongest Commercial Grade Heavy Duty Dog Crate Cage Kennel Please Stand Up” in future posts. If you have a strong dog with separation anxiety, a chewer or an escape artist please do yourself and your dog a favor and go straight to the world’s strongest heavy duty dog crate. The sooner you do this the quicker you can get your dog well. Don’t put him or her through 2 or 3 wire crates. They can be dangerous to your dogs health.


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11 Responses to “Will the Real Strongest Commercial Grade Heavy Duty Dog Crate Cage Kennel Please Stand Up”

  1. This is great! How do I purchase one??

  2. In addition to the links provided in the post the website is http://www.carrymydog.com Enjoy!

  3. I had to laugh when you mentioned bread-ties, that’s hilarious, but no doubt true. I’ve heard similar stories from customers at my own site, and they always make me crack a smile, although on another level it breaks my heart to think of the poochies dealing with any kind of anxiety. Great review, thanks.

  4. Hi Katy Perry, Appreciate your comment. Yes is is both funny and sad when we hear about the destruction done by some dogs. But, it is what it is unless and until owners take steps to solve the problem. http://www.carrymydog.com/dog_crates.html

  5. Heavy duty dog crates are very important to prevent a lot of damage and loss. This product seems to be a very stylish and strong too. I have got a little poodles. I think it will better for me to buy this one later.

  6. cathy alford says:

    I like to maybe purchase. I have a Weimaraner 6 mo old.

  7. robert montgomery says:

    how much are these cages…..since their is no price i expect they are astronomical prices

  8. Hello Robert Montgomery, Thank you for your comment. If you will click on the banner it will take you to the page where all the information and pricing are located. If you have a strong dog that is eating your furniture, carpets and walls then jumping out of closed windows then how much is too much. Anyway, we are competitive in this niche market. It is a viable solution to Separation Anxiey and noise phobic dogs. It’s been proven over and over again. All the best to you and your at this holiday time. This link will get you to the dog crate page: http://www.carrymydog.com/dog_crates.html

  9. Marijane Mullins says:

    I would like to know the cost of these heavy duty dog crates. I have 2 boxers and they are Houdini’s in getting out of crates. Please email me with the cost.

    Thank you,
    Marijane Mullins

  10. Barbara Price says:

    Hi can you please forward information on your ultra strong dog crates where i can purchase one plus sizes and prices. Many Thanks. B Price.




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