Surf Dog Ricochet surfs with Staff Sergeant Randall Dexter

Surf Dog Ricochet is at it again!

Surf Dog Ricochet surfed with retired Staff Sergeant Randall Dexter who served two tours in Iraq and now suffers with PTSD. “Ricochet has given me a new lease on life.”

I have followed Surf Dog Ricochet for years watching all the good deeds, so many I can’t count or remember. Southern California offers Surf Dog Ricochet the opportunity to work her magic year-round. I can imagine that Surf Dog Ricochet’s dog parents get worn out from time to time with schedule Ricochet keeps.

Here is one of Ricochet’s latest and greatest experiences in the service area. She leaves very happy people wherever she goes. I think that is what is called “changing lives.”

Happy New Year from Surf Dog Ricochet!



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Surf Dog Ricochet, the SURFice™ Dog celebrated New Year’s Eve with a special ocean therapy tandem surf session for members of our military and people/kids with disabilities. Ricochet is the only dog in the world that surfs as an assistive aid and SURFice dog™ to those with physical, emotional and psychiatric challenges including kids with special needs, adults with disabilities, wounded warriors and veterans with PTSD.

Ricochet surfed with retired Staff Sergeant Randall Dexter who served two tours in Iraq and now suffers with PTSD. “Ricochet has given me a new lease on life. PTSD makes it very difficult to go out, but now that I’ve met Ricochet I get to enjoy the things I used to love. To me she’s a guardian angel”, said Dexter. Ricochet and Dexter have also created the PTSD Battle Buddy Initiative to help other active duty service members and veterans with PTSD. Every 65 minutes a veteran with PTSD dies by suicide. Ricochet and Dexter are committed to changing that alarming statistic through their efforts at

Also on board was Gina, the 9 year old daughter of Bradley Gill, a Marine who just returned home from Afghanistan after 11 months. Gina has autism and when asked what it’s like to surf with Ricochet she said, “She helps me have the courage for popping up and being brave.”

As Gill watched his daughter with Ricochet, he brushed away a tear and said “It’s really special for me today because it’s the first time I’ve actually gotten to see Gina surf with Ricochet. It was amazing. It makes me feel very proud. It gives her more confidence. This is a child who is afraid to try and ride a bike without training wheels, but has no problem going out in this cold water and hopping on a surfboard with Ricochet”.

Carving waves with Ricochet at this celebratory session was 7 year old West who has autism and was afraid of the water until he met and surfed with Ricochet and Jacob Benarth who has Ataxia-Telangiectasia.

Ricochet instinctively adjusts her surfing style based on the individual’s disability. You can learn more at and see more videos and news segments of this special surf session on Facebook

“When you put the healing power of the ocean and the healing power of a dog together, you can’t match it! Judy Fridono, Ricochet’s guardian said.

For more information, please contact Judy Fridono at pawinspired at aol dot com.

It is always fun to see what Surf Dog Ricochet is up to next. She has brought so much joy to so many over the years. It is time to recognize her once again for her fine work. Thank you Surf Dog Ricochet for all that you do. Keep it up for many years to come. I wish you good life and good waves.


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