Surf dog Ricochet raises funds and awareness as Santa Paws

Surf dog Ricochet, the SURFice dog who raises funds and awareness for human and animal causes was surfing in a sea of toys as she delivered more than 3300 toys to Rady Children’s Hospital, and Helen Woodward Animal Center on Wednesday.

This was amid the largest rain storm the area had seen in many years and perhaps ever. Surf Dog Ricochet lives in sunny Southern California. Christmas usually comes with lots of sunshine and maybe seventy degrees, perfect for surfing.

This famous surfing dog is constantly doing what she dog loves to do, surf for charity. As they say, if you love your job, it isn’t work. For some of Surf Dog Ricochet’s other adventures go to the Down Home Pets blog and take a look at this surfing dog has been up to.

And now to current Surf Dog Ricochet news;

Ricochet had been leading the “Surfin’ Santa Paws Toy Drive for Kids & Kritters” since December 1st.

Surf Dog Ricochet and toys for people and pets this christmas 2010

Notice the Peanut Butter up front. Some happy dogs this Christmas. Thank you Surf Dog Ricochet and all your human friends for all you do for people and for pets too!

The $8,710, raised in just three weeks, was used toward the purchase of toys. Donations came in from all over the world, including Japan, Canada, Switzerland, France, and the Bahamas thanks to her donors, and 16,000 Facebook FURiends. The drop boxes provided by her sponsor, were overflowing with toys, and pet related businesses both locally, and across the country donated scores of toys and treats.

Ricochet injured her foot a few days before, so she wore a red bandage to match her Santa suit. Then, a total of 3355 kid & kritter toys were loaded into an 24 foot sleigh (actually… it was a moving truck) courtesy of San Diego Van & Storage/Mayflower Moving Co.

The first delivery took place at Rady Children’s Hospital, with the help of her first fundraising beneficiary, quadriplegic surfer, Patrick Ivison. Donning a red “Surfin’ Santa Paws” surfboard, Ricochet left a tidal wave of toys in her wake.

Each year, thousands of children visit Rady Children’s Hospital facilities and these donations will go a long way towards brightening a child’s stay during a stressful time.

While at Rady Children’s Hospital, Ricochet also made a Christmas wish come true for Tamandra Michaels, a woman who spent much of her childhood there due to spina bifida. Michaels was in dire need of a new wheelchair, so Ricochet contacted the TiLite Wheelchair Company. In the spirit of the Toy Drive, they very generously donated a $5,000 custom made wheelchair. “This is totally rad”, Michaels said as Ricochet revealed her surprise, complete with a big red bow.

There was one more stop on Santa Paw’s route, so she got back into her sleigh with her 5 lb little elf helper, Spike and headed north (toward the North Pole) where she delivered toys to Helen Woodward Animal Center. Helen Woodward Animal Center is a dynamic, evolving institution that is an agent of change for the animal welfare world. The toys will offer enrichment to orphan dogs and cats until their new families adopt them. Toys and treats were also provided to the birds, rabbits and horses.

Ricochet sincerely thanks SanDiegoSunCoast, San Diego Van & Storage, TiLite Wheelchairs, her donors, supporters, and Facebook FURiends for helping give kids & kritters a swell Christmas!

Next up for Ricochet is the Reality Rally, a three-day weekend event intended to raise funds for Michelle’s Place, a resource center where women can go for help in coping with the challenges of breast cancer. Ricochet is challenging reality stars to raise more money than she can!

Note: For more information, please contact Judy Fridono at 707-228-0679, or [email protected]. Ricochet’s website: Ricochet’s facebook page:

Who knows, you might just like to get involved at some point and Surf dog Ricochet raise funds and awareness as Santa Paws or simply as herself, an extra ordinary dog with a group of extraordinarily dedicated human parents and friends diligently working for the benefit of others, an inspiration to us all.

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