Strongest Heavy Duty Dog Crate for Your Strong Dog 48-inch

The Strongest Heavy Duty Dog Crate for Your Strong Dog 48″ is what you may need for your larger strong dog breed. Many of you may get confused when shopping for a Heavy Duty Dog Crate. I think you should know how to identify and where to find a strong heavy duty dog crate for your strong dog. Some say it is indestructible. Don’t be fooled by wire crates stating that they are heavy duty. After you check out these dog crates you will know the true definition of “heavy duty dog crates.”

See the Evolution of Heavy Duty Dog Crates here. Lightweight Materials and Welded Wire Mesh they are all here. More heavy duty crates in one place than anywhere else. Indestructible and Collapsible dog crates available too.

CLICK HERE to see the newer Strongest Heavy Duty Dog Crates

We no longer sell the crate shown here because it has no warranty and is no longer the “strongest” crate on the market.


We offer our Strongest Heavy Duty dog crates in 37″ and 42″ models.
Our Strong Heavy Duty Dog Crates are available in 36″, 42″ and 48″ models.
We are happy to announce that we now have a 50 1/4L  x  34 1/2W  x  36 1/2 H Collapsible w/3 Year Warranty.

Important: This great dog crate is no longer the “strongest” heavy duty dog crate we have. Please click this link to read about our “strongest heavy duty dog crates” or to visit the order page please click strongest heavy duty dog crate. Thank you.

Here are just a few of the reasons for investing in a Heavy Duty Dog Crate as opposed to the typical wire dog crate;

heavy duty dog crate level 3 48"

48″ Level 3 Heavy Duty Dog Crate Wheels and Metal Pan

•    Your dog is suffering from separation anxiety

•    Your dog has a problem with noise phobia

•    You have tried wire crates but your dog chewed through it

•    You have tried wire crates but your dog just walked out of them.

•    Your dog is aggressive or shows aggressive tendencies

•    Your older strong dog needs a secure place to rest

•    Your strong dogs need a “den” to call their own

•    You wish to save your dog’s teeth which he will lose chewing on wire crates

Close up of 48" Heavy Duty Dog Crate Latches and bars

Close-up 48″ Level 3 Strong Latches and bar construction.

•    You have tried wire crates but your dog continues to escape from it

•    A place for strong dogs to recuperate from surgery without bother

•    And more………

Some quick notes about our Strongest Heavy Duty Dog Crates for your Strong Dog

The main difference between regular wire dog crates and heavy duty strong dog crates is that the heavy duty dog crates use square or round metal tubing for strength.

Level 3 Heavy Duty Strong Dog Crate

This strong Commercial quality heavy duty dog crate utilizes all tubular steel for total strength.

All our strong Level 3 heavy duty dog crates will arrive at your door with wheels and a metal pan, not the plastic pan you might expect.

Available sizes are 36”, 42″ and 48” so measure your dog and give him or her enough room to grow and to be comfortable as an adult.


Our heavy duty dog crates come in Black only.

I could go on and on about these wonderful dog crates. Let me close by saying that our strong Level 3 Heavy Duty Dog Crates are priced with free shipping and insurance on the 48″model. Sometimes you have a need that can only be filled by a specific item. Our Strong Level 3 Heavy duty dog crates are that kind of item.

If you would like to get more information please visit my articles page for more detailed information.

And Remember. . . . . . . .

“She is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are her life, her love, her leader. She will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of her heart. You owe it to her to be worthy of such devotion.”  ~~Unknown

Check out our Strongest Heavy Duty Dog Crate for Your Strong Dog 48″ if you have a larger strong dog that just won’t cooperate when you put him in a wire cage. This is our biggest and strong commercial heavy duty dog crate.

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23 Responses to “Strongest Heavy Duty Dog Crate for Your Strong Dog 48-inch”

  1. Jeff Smith says:

    My dog ripped through the largest crate at the pound where we got him by muzzling his nose through the bottom and side and forcing his way out (imagine a metal birth canal and a 50 lb dog.) He proceeded to tear the basement apart.

    I used braided wire to wire the joints together. He chewed through braided wire and did the same thing. That was Labor Day weekend, Friday, so I got to pay $150 to pick him up at animal control.

    This is the only cage that worked. Thanks.

  2. Hi Jeff,

    Appreciate your comment and happy to hear you dog is finally safe. I know our heavy duty crates have worked for many but they rarely take a moment to let us know. Thanks again for letting us know about your success story.

  3. Juanita Wilson says:

    Do you have any Canadian Suppliers??? Please advise ASAP!

  4. I like the idea. We have a huge dog and it looks to be the answer to our traveling woes.

  5. Dave Garbowski says:

    Any chance you could get a larger crate. My dog is 34″ tall when sitting or standing and your largest crate the 48″ one only has a 32″ cargo area height.


  6. Hi Dave, the only crate that I know of other than the 48″ heavy duty dog crate is our Giant 55″ wire crate found at Strongest Heavy Duty Dog Crate for Your Strong Dog 48-inch again, this is a wire dog crate and is no substitute for a heavy duty dog crate.

  7. Mary Vega says:

    I don’t think I can bring my 48 inch dog travelling with me. It would be so… messy. I prefer leave him at my mom’s house. My dog does not chew wire but I use this cage to prevent that.

  8. How much do these run? I just rescued a pit and she is the sweetest dog in the world but has major abandonment issues and rips through the metal wire cages as if they were strings. If I can’t fix this problem I will have to give her up and she is my best friend. Please help!

  9. Hi Amanda, Thanks for your comment. To get pricing and other information on these wonderful heavy duty dog crates just go to or click the banner above. Good luck with your Pit. We’re here to help. All the best.

  10. Sharon olenick says:


    Do you know if I can purchase one in Canada?


  11. Hi,
    I like the looks and durability of these cages. Do you offer a door on the end instead of the middle.

  12. I too would like to know if they can be ordered in Canada.

  13. Can these be folded or disassembled to allow for travel?

  14. Would this fit a 120 German shepherd?

  15. Hi Bill, do you ship to Australia or do you have a distributor in Australia? i have 10 month old Amstaff that can get out of the wire crates they sell down under.

  16. Terri Walker says:

    We have an Austrailian Shephard and he escapes every crate we put him in. I am interested in purchasing your 46″ crate. Will this accommodate an Austrailian Shephard? If so, please let me know how much they are. Thank you,Terri

  17. Hi Terri,

    I noticed your comment on my blog regarding a question about the 48” Heavy Duty Dog Crate.

    I checked out your breed on Wikipedia and from what I can see the 48” is plenty big. You might want to even consider the 42” depending on the size of your dog.

    You can read about all the heavy duty crates here

    If you still have questions please do feel free to give me a call at the number shown on the webpage.

    All the best and thanks again for your question.

    Bill Beavers
    Customer Service Director

  18. Hi there I live in Derby, England

    I just wondered how much a dog crate would be and how we go on about getting one and
    Where you are based etc

    Any information would be much appreciated



  19. My dog is a shepherd/lab/husky mix. He is a 10 month old rescue with severe separation anxiety. He has chewed through 2 crates, many wires, the carpet, drywall, baby gates, baseboards .. Etc. I have no way of confining him to a room because he destroys everything in it including the walls and wiring. He also injured himself escaping from his current crate. Do you have something strong and safe enough for a determined destructive dog? Also, is it available in Canada? I’m desperate!

  20. Ive got a yorkie hes broke 3 cages do you ship to nottingham uk

  21. Please could you give me a price for the 48 dog crate

  22. I need a crate that’s 54L x 37W x 45H for my great dane.

  23. Hello Sarah, Thank you for your comment on we have a crate that is extremely close to your desired size. You can see it at also we can custom make any size so if you are serious let me know and I can get you a quote of a custom crate. All the best, Bill

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