Reasons Dog Owners Want Our Large High Anxiety Dog Crates

Why Dog Owners Love Our Huge High Anxiety Dog Crates

Dog owners enjoy these largest dog crates because they know their large breed dogs will have plenty of room to lay down and stretch out or, to stand up without their head touching the top of the crate. These heavy-duty dog crates by Xtreme® are Big! At Xtreme® Dog Crates we like to say ” there is no such thing as a crate that’s too big for your dog. Check out our testimonials page to learn what dog owners                                                                     think about these large heavy-duty crates.

Our Definition of Large High Anxiety Dog Crates

Xtreme Heavy Duty Dog Crate 60 x 60 inches from

60 x 60 x 44″H is a “must-have” for many large breed dogs.

All dogs want a crate big enough to stretch out. If you’re an English Mastiff, a Cane Corso, Great Pyrenees, or a Wolfdog, or any of the large breeds, you “need” a crate where you can stretch out.

Our Giant high anxiety crate is 60 x 60 x 44″ High. We also have Giant crates that are 54 x 54 x 44″ tall. We’ve found that larger breeds have no problem relaxing in these large, strong crates, and this is one of the reasons they settle quickly when the new crate arrives. We can custom make these large crates up to 70″. Please take a moment to look over our  Testimonials page.

Another Important Reason Large Breed Dogs Settle Quickly in Our Large crates

Dogs can see 360 degrees in our Xtreme heavy-duty crates, and this helps them relax quicker than those crates that seclude your dog in a semi-closed metal box with small holes in the vertical panels.

Dog Owners Rave About Our Quick and Easy Assembly

Dog owners dread crate assembly. We know you do. XTreme Heavy Duty dog crate design provides for assembly in 5 to 15 minutes, and no tools are required. We use a unique drop-pin design. Check out the video on this page.

Xtreme dog crates have a design for assembly that takes some folks 5 minutes to assemble. If you’ve been around canine equipment for a few years you will have come across something called “drop pin.” It’s just that. You line up two cylindrical pieces, drop the pin down through both, kind of like your front door hinges, put a cotter pin through the pin you just dropped in and you’re done.

Your Dog Won’t Get Into Trouble While Chillin’ In The Crate

Built with 14 gauge 1″ square tubing, these large crates invite all high anxiety or aggressive dogs to come on in. Once that door closes, they’re not getting out until you let them out.

To create vertical wall panels as strong as solid steel, we use 3/16ths diameter welded steel wire that’s welded at 2″ intervals.

How About Dogs with a History of Chewing

When a dog chews on a crate and something moves even just a little bit, they continue to chew. They will chew until they create a hole many times with the loss of 1 or more teeth.

When dogs chew on an Xtreme crate nothing moves, anywhere on the crate. If nothing moves the dog quickly becomes bored and stops chewing. Will this happen to every dog? Probably not but, we know it happens to the majority of dogs that are put into an Xtreme dog crate. Have a look at our testimonial page then look for any complaints about chewing. We have never gotten a complaint about dogs chewing on these crates.


Our Guarantee

Xtreme Dog Crates offers a Money Back guarantee. If your dog escapes a properly secured crate, we will refund your money. We will also solve the problem that allowed the escape. We know escape is impossible in a crate built with 14 Gauge steel and 3/16ths diameter welded steel wire that is welded every 2″. We have not had an escape reported yet, period!

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Learn more: Just Click the image above. Follow it to kind words, great photos, happy dog owners, and happy dogs too.

Door Locks: Very Important

The Schlage Deadbolt is the best way to keep crate doors closed.

Schlage Deadbolts mean our crate doors stay closed!

During your extensive shopping for high anxiety, heavy-duty dog crates for your large breed dog have you noticed the door locks that are provided on most of them (crates), especially the ones from across the pond? One of my customers recently suggested that the locks might be made by Mattell.

That was their opinion. At Xtreme, we want to follow through with all the things that make for a solid, strong secure crate. The locking device is not the least of those to be sure. We use a Schlage deadbolt on every Xtreme heavy-duty dog crate we produce. Yes, it’s just like the deadbolt you have on the front door of your home. That’s how much we think about your dog’s safety and your peace of mind.

Dog Owners Enjoy the Way We Have Designed Our Floor

What the Xtreme crates have is a pan of sorts. This pan covers

Pan floor Xtreme heavy duty dog crate.

16 Ga. Heavy Duty Steel pan for the floor keeps your dog 1/2″ off the floor away from heat and cold from the floor.

the entire area at the bottom of any of our crates. It slides into rails on each side of the crate. It is about 1/2″ off the floor which will keep the heat and cold away from your dog. It has a bolt in from below the door that keeps the pan inside the crate. The dog cannot kick out the pan. It’s impossible!

Just briefly, the pan is made of 18 gauge galvanized sheet metal. All 4 sides are bent 90 degrees. You can pull it out for cleaning. It is not waterproof by the way. Be sure to put the pan security bolt back in place when you replace the pan.

Lead Time For Any Size Heavy Duty Xtreme Dog Crate

All our crates are made to order. That means no two crates are alike. Our standard lead time, regardless of size, is 4 to 6 weeks depending on the ever-popular supply chain.  We may have supply chain issues from time to time slowing your ship date but right now, that is not a serious problem for us.

General Information About Deliveries

All Xtreme crates are delivered to your address in a large truck and trailer setup. These are curbside deliveries. The driver will not go onto private property so if you have a long private drive to get to your house you will need to make arrangements with the trucking company. Someone will need to be available to inspect and receive the shipment and sign the delivery documents. The trucking company will make an appointment one or 2 days ahead of the delivery. Once you know your crate has shipped you can always call the carrier to initiate the delivery discussion.

Create a Comfortable Friendly Environment for Your Dog

Heavy Duty crates do not solve High Anxiety problems but they do create an environment where canines and humans can co-exist. Show your dog some love and get him or her their very own cozy place to chill when you’re not at home. They will have a far better and healthier lifestyle if they have an Xtreme heavy-duty dog crate. You will be able to keep your furniture, doors, mini blinds prescription drugs, and much more all saving you lots of money.

Order your Xtreme heavy-duty dog crate today at The quicker you order the quicker it will be at your driveway!

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