Puppies Love Dog Crates

Why Use a Dog Crate?

Dog owners have differing opinions about dog crates. From what I can see dog owners either love or hate the dog crate. If you’re a crate hater that’s fine. I wonder sometimes if you are simply not well informed. Strong statement maybe true-maybe not. That’s just my opinion.

Here is an excerpt from 1000 Best Dog Training Secrets regarding valid reasons for your puppy with her very own dog crate. See if it makes sense to you. It certainly does to me.

36" Wire Dog Crate

The dog crate is the safest and most effective form of confinement. Socialize your puppy to it immediately and continue to use it through maturity (2–3years). It provides safety and respect in many areas. Crating provides a housebreaking tool, structure, acceptance of boundaries, puppy safety, property safety, and relationship preservation.

Housebreaking: The crate is an excellent housebreaking tool. The goal of its use is to stimulate cleanliness. Puppies instinctively don’t want to soil their sleeping or living area.

Structure: When the crate is used for structure, it is the single easiest way to establish a “follow-the-rules” appreciation in your dog. Simply using the crate on a regular basis allows the puppy to accept the concept of rules of the house.

Acceptance of Boundaries: While the crate is a physical boundary, its use generates the acceptance of boundaries in your dog’s life. This helps achieve one of your main puppy goals.

Puppy’s Safety: Certainly there are times when you cannot be “tied” to your dog or supervise her every action. These are the times when crate usage is also positive and helpful. Any dog, uneducated in household rules, can get into danger when you’re not looking. Household dangers range from puppies falling down the steps to puppies chewing wires, ingesting the wrong items, etc. Using your crate for those moments when you need to take your attention away from watching your puppy will guarantee safety until you can watch her again.

Property Safety: Nothing is more devastating than seeing your one-hundred-dollar pair of shoes ripped into pieces by your puppy’s side. Seeing your DVD remote control being used as a teething toy while you’re sidetracked on the phone is also quite upsetting. Contrary to popular belief, these things are accidents in puppyhood but can be prevented by using the crate for the times when your puppy is unsupervised.

Relationship Saver: Using your crate to give you and your puppy some time away from each other is important in maintaining a good relationship. When we, or our puppies, become tired and stressed, both run the risk of acting inappropriately. Our voices and body language become stressed while our puppies can end up making destructive mistakes. Whether it’s losing our patience or a valuable item, our relationship can become compromised. The crate as a relationship saver answers the timeless question: “How can I miss you if you don’t go away?”

A comment on the size of dog crate to buy for your puppy. They state thatUltra Heavy Duty Dog Crate Portable Steel Construction you should get a dog crate big enough for your dog’s entire life and use a divider. If you have a small or mid-sized dog breed this is possible, however, if you have a large breed get ready to buy a couple of dog crates during their lifetime.

If you are unlucky enough to raise a “chewer” then you may need to get a heavy duty dog crate. The majority of heavy-duty dog crates I have sold were to people with “chewers.” You will know you have a chewer when he/she breaks the welds on their crate and escapes. Once you know you have an escape artist on your hands do not delay. Get them a heavy-duty dog crate and put an end to their escape adventures.

Heavy-duty crates will coral separation anxiety dogs saving the dog and your home. It may be a bit expensive but it is the best thing to do. One of these heavy-duty crates from carrymydog.com can last a lifetime.

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  1. Dog crates are becoming increasingly popular . But why does my dog drool while in his crate?

  2. A dog crate is super handy for housebreaking a small puppy. Take advantage of the fact that he will not do his business inside the crate.

  3. the crate training technique is the most humane and effective in my experience! I especially like the crates that double as furniture:)
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