Promises To My Dog

Promises To My Dog

Promises To My Dog is the most straight-forward common sense list of dog owner responsibilities I’ve ever seen. It’s to the point and includes things we as dog owners need to be aware of before we become dog owners. Once we accept a dog or any other pet into our lives our responsibility begins. That responsibility continues throughout the pet’s lifetime. It doesn’t change or go away. It remains just like the unconditional love they give us every day of their lives.

When you click on the “Promises to my Dog” link below a .pdf will appear for you. Keep it around. Use it as a reminder of your responsibilities to your pets. I will do the same. You may visit the author’s website for more information.

Promises to my Dog

By Sherry Woodard

Bringing a dog into your family causes great joy all around. But, making a commitment to a dog is much like making a commitment to a human being: Both relationships require daily care and nurturing in order to flourish.

So, as you embark (no pun intended!) on this new commitment, here are a dozen promises to consider making to your dog:

I promise to have realistic expectations of the role my dog will play in my life. I will remember that she is a dog, not a furry little human; she cannot satisfy all my emotional needs.

I promise to protect my dog from dangers, such as traffic and other creatures who might want to hurt her.

I promise to keep her well dressed with a collar containing up-to-date I.D.

I promise to learn kind and gentle training methods so that she can understand what I am trying to say.

I promise to be consistent with my training, since dogs feel secure when daily life is predictable, with fair rules and structure.

I promise to match her loyalty and patience with my own.

I promise that my dog will be part of my family. I will make a commitment to schedule time every day to interact with her so that she will feel loved and will not develop behavior problems from a lack of stimulation and socialization.

I promise to seek professional help if my dog develops behavior problems that become unmanageable.

I promise that my dog will have opportunities to exercise and honor some of her instincts. She’ll have walks and runs outside of her daily territory, so she can sniff and explore.

I promise to provide veterinary care for her entire life. I will keep her healthy and watch her weight.

I promise that if I move, marry, have a baby, or get divorced, she will continue to share my life, since she is a beloved family member.

I promise that if I absolutely must give her up, I will find an appropriate home for her that is as good as or better than my home.

Sherry Woodard is the dog training and care consultant at Best Friends. She develops resources and provides consulting services nationally to help achieve Best Friends’ No More Homeless Pets mission.


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  1. Carol Hansen says:

    Bill, This is a beautiful post. Very well written and I hope everyone who has a dog or pet will read it. I promise.

    .-= Carol Hansen´s last blog ..Corgi Doing A Kibble Dance =-.

  2. Bill Beavers Dog Crates says:

    Hi Erika, Thanks so much for your comment. Yes so true. Reading and understanding this before getting a dog or pet would be helpful to so many. They are all sound promises I think. All the best.

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