On the Nineth Day God Made a Dog

“On the ninth day God made a dog” is a short and to the point video watched so far by a little over 2 million dog lovers and would be dog lovers all around the world.

The creator of the video had to be a dog lover I expect for how else would one be able to create such a beautiful worded work.

Take a moment to see this video and do feel free to pass it on to anyone you think would or should enjoy it.


And on the Ninth Day God Made a Dog

Anyone who has ever had a dog whether child or adult can relate to some or all of this video. What would our lives be like without our faithful companions.

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I hope you enjoyed “And on the Ninth Day God made a Dog.” Time well spent so now…… go hug your dog.

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2 Responses to “On the Nineth Day God Made a Dog”

  1. I can see why so many dog lovers have watched this video. It will bring a smile to anyone who watches it; the words are so apt.

  2. Loved the video. I can’t wait until we get our new house and get the kids new puppies!

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