New Heavy Duty Dog Crate for an Incredible Dog

A new heavy duty dog crate for an incredible dog is what you get when your dog is 110 lbs and has a bit of Canine Separation Anxiety. You search until you find a Super Duty Heavy Duty Dog Crate for your incredible Cane Corso Mastiff.

Indestructible Super-Duty Heavy Duty Dog Crate

Lucian loves his new heavy duty dog crate

Lucian is 110 pounds and 28 inches. His mom told me that an indestructible heavy duty dog crate was desperately needed for Lucian. No details but please know that the Cane Corso Mastiff is descendant from the dogs used in warfare by the Romans.

Cane Corso Mastiffs have a long history in warfare starting in ancient times. From ‘war dogs’ trained in combat to their use as scouts, sentries and trackers, their uses have been varied and some continue to exist in modern military usage.

Today’s Cane Corso are easy to obedience train, have a willingness to please, and form a close attachment with their owner.

Lucian was my first customer for our new indestructible super-duty heavy duty dog crates. His new home is, as you might imagine, a 48” dog crate.

The pictures here show Lucian in the new dog crate looking quite satisfied to have his own den and a place to stay out of trouble when his dog parents are not at home.

Strongest Heavy Duty Dog Crates Escape Proof Lock Close-up

Thinking about your Escape Artist dog trying to pick this lock makes me smile!

This is not just another advertised heavy duty dog crate. This dog crate is made from 6 gauge welded wire on 1.25” tubular steel frame then galvanized for durability. This dog crate is welded everywhere metal touches metal.

The engineers have designed a locking mechanism that is the best I’ve seen anywhere. Plus, they have a place for a padlock if you think you need additional security. It doesn’t get any better than this.

If you have a strong dog with Separation Anxiety or Noise Phobia then you know what all this means: Safety for your dog and for your property as well as peace of mind when you are not at home.

This heavy duty dog crate is so strong it comes with a full 3 year manufacturer’s warranty. If you have ever had your dog destroy a dog crate you know how important a warranty like this can be. The implications here are that this dog crate cannot be destroyed by your dog.

Made in the USA

My congratulations to Lucian on his new home. Kudos to Lucian’s mom for her excellent decision when selecting this particular dog crate.

Special thanks to Lucian’s mom for sending the pictures along. I always enjoy seeing the matching of dog and dog crate as the end result of a buyer’s dog crate selection.

Here is a short video of Cane Corso Mastiffs for your enjoyment.


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5 Responses to “New Heavy Duty Dog Crate for an Incredible Dog”

  1. David Broome says:

    Where could I get purchase information on these crates? I desperately need to know as I have a 120 lb Corso.

  2. Thank you Bill for the indestructible dog crate. It was the third crate for our rescue Cane Corso with separation anxiety who redecorated our house after each crate annihilation. The combination of your crate with comfy bedding, activity toys with treats, Veterinary behavior modification, anti anxiety medication and Through a Dogs Ear music we finally have a dog that has not destroyed the crate or house and is able to relax in her crate. She goes there every night with the door open to go to sleep waiting for the last night owls in the house to turn in for the evening. Thank you again. While our girl still has many issues we are trying to help her with, destroying the house and her crate are no longer an issue. Thank you!!!

  3. Hello Ann,
    You have one Lucky Dog there to be in such a loving home. I am so happy that we could contribute to her quality of life. Sounds like you are relieved too. I thank you for your business and thank you so much for your comment. All the best to you and your big girl there.

  4. Catherine Wells says:

    I am looking all over your site to find out where to purchase a heavy duty crate and cannot find anything. I need something immediately, my dog has learned how to open locked doors and let herself out. She has been attacking the goats in the neighborhood and neighbors are threatening to shoot her. I need help! Thank you

  5. Hello Catherine Wells The absolute best strongest indestructible heavy duty do crates are here: Just let me know if I can help. Thank you

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