Miranda Lambert and Dog Rescue

Miranda Lambert and dog rescue is well known to Miranda fans. Some of you may have heard about Miranda’s love for dogs. She was in Florida recently for a concert when she received a video from a dog rescue volunteer, a 6 year old volunteer.

August Riley Weinberger does volunteer work at the Big Dog Ranch. She is a big  fan of Miranda Lambert. Riley made a video pleading with Miranda to come and visit so “we could save more dogs lives.”Miranda made a surprise visit and adopted her own puppy and named it Bellamy for the Bellamy Brothers. The following video is the one Riley made inviting Miranda to visit.

Here is Riley’s Invitation Video to Miranda Lambert

A great memory for Riley and her friends and Miranda Lambert as well I’m sure. If you have followed Miranda Lambert’s career you know that she is not only a great entertainer but is also a wonderful person as well. What you see is pretty much what you get. We need more folks like that.On a personal note, I remember watching the Nashville Star program. Miranda came third as I recall. The winner was never heard from again but Miranda is enjoying a well deserved singing career. Good on you Miranda.

I hope you enjoyed Miranda Lambert and Dog Rescue and will visit Big Dog Ranch and Miranda Lambert on Facebook too. Don’t forget about the Big Dog Ranch. It looks like they are doing some serious dog rescue work there in West Palm Beach, Florida.

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