Metal Pan for Wire Dog Crates Heavy Duty Dog Crates is a Must

Metal Pans for Wire Dog Crates Strong Heavy Duty Dog Crates is a Must when you get your next dog crate.

I just entered an order for a customer for a 36 inch wire dog crate. Follow me here. I asked her how she found me. She said Google under “wire dog kennels”. Now I know that under “wire dog kennels” I would be very hard to find since I’ve never used the word “wire dog kennel” in any posts or other writings anywhere.

To me they are either wire dog crates or heavy duty dog crates. I haven’t yet even used the words dog cages or heavy duty dog cages even though my SEO work shows me that the majority of folks do use dog cage instead of dog crate.

I really don’t like to think of a dog crate as a “cage.”

My point is simply this:  This customer did a lot of searching to find me but why?

She wanted a wire dog crate that had a Metal Pan.

All our wire dog crates and heavy duty dog crates come with a metal pan.

Right about now you’re wondering “so what’s the big deal with the metal pan in my dog crate?”

Metal Pan vs. Plastic Pan in Dog Crates

wire dog crate with metal pan

Wire Dog Crate w/Metal Pan and Adjustable Inner Panel

Those of you that have had dog crates with plastic pans will understand what I’m about to say.

You get your new puppy  and your new dog crate with a plastic pan. As your puppy grows he finds that if he chews on the wire all he gets is sore teeth for his trouble. But, when he chews on the plastic he finds that he is making a difference. Something is happening. This is good in the puppy’s mind so he keeps chewing it until the pan is ugly or is no longer functional.

Whether your new puppy or adult dog does or doesn’t chew on the plastic pan within months you notice that the plastic pan is starting to crack. So you start your search for a new plastic pan. Good Luck!

We get calls all the time wanting to replace the plastic pans with our metal pans. We cannot supply the replacement pan for this reason;

All our crates are slightly larger than our competitors in at least one of the 3 dimensions of each crate both wire dog crates and heavy duty dog crates. This means that our metal pans will fit our models only.

This customer bought a 36” Wire Dog Crate with a Metal pan because Metal Pans are a must have if you want the most for your money and the best for your pets.

So, if it’s a metal pan you want and need you will want to check out our vast number to sizes of wire and heavy duty dog crates.

It seems that most who have not had the plastic pan experience do not understand the value of the metal pan in our dog crates. That’s understandable.

Since this customer went to such great lengths to find us I wanted to pass along this metal pan information to those who may need to replace a crate and especially to those who will be purchasing a crate in the future.

Please remember that when purchasing a new crate  a metal pan for a wire dog crate or a  strong heavy duty dog crate is a must!

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9 Responses to “Metal Pan for Wire Dog Crates Heavy Duty Dog Crates is a Must”

  1. It’s not really hard to build a durable dog crate. However, the material that you must use must not only be suitable for your pet’s fur, it should also be comfy for them. A wooden dog crate end table would be a perfect fit for durability and aesthetics, that your dog will love.

  2. Try an all wire crate. The plastic crate is more in closed and its easier for him to get leverage to push on the door. I find the wire crates to be much better. I’ve always used them for my dogs, and I’ve had some pretty big dogs. Never any escapes.

  3. Hi Johnthan,

    Appreciate your comment. Apparently you have and have had some pretty regular dogs, none with separation anxiety or noise phobia or endless chewing. The heavy duty dog crate helps dogs with behaviorial problems therefore helping their parent owners as well. Wire crates are great if your dog is problem free. Most of our customers have already purchased one to three wire crates and given up. All the best.

  4. I wouldn’t recommend individuals to construct their own dog crates because they could break at any moment if you make even the slightest mistake. Dog crates are not that expensive and it is a one time investment. Just buy a professionally made one.

  5. You must always be careful that you select a crate that fits your dog correctly. Not too big, not too small. and one that is comfortable for him too.

  6. Bill, you are so right. Having a strong dog with anxiety issues has been a wild ride. Until you come home to find your dog has eaten through the plastic cage bottom down past the carpet and padding to the floor, all while still in her cage, you cannot understand how important having a metal tray is! That was the best decision I made was to get a metal replacement tray and the next cage I get her will definantly be a heavy duty one with a metal pan!

  7. my dog keeps eating the bottom dog pan while hes in the cage lol and bending the wires of the cage I have a big foldable cage any advice on how to get him to stop ??

  8. Nancy Engelman says:

    I cannot find a 42″ metal replacement tray anywhere. Any suggestions?

  9. Nancy Engelman, No I’m sorry I have no place to send you. Good Luck

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