Long Lasting Mat For Under Dog Crate is Here

Long-Lasting Mat For Under Dog Crate

Why do I need a mat for under my dog’s crate?

Mat for under dog crate is a product you can install and forget it because it’s called peace of mind.Mat for under the dog crate

The surface is made of the same material as spray-in truck bed liner material so you know it’s tough. The bottom layer is closed cell foam, which makes it waterproof. This mat will protect your floors from the crate. It will protect your dog from excessive heat and cold coming up from the floor, especially when the crate is on a wood floor.

There are a few general sizes over on the webpage at carrymydog.com. If you don’t see your size there, please call us toll-free with your crate size at 800-640-1364. We will price your under the dog crate mat for you and assist you in ordering.

We recommend the mat extend 2″ or more beyond the actual dog crate bottom. Some of our customers have ordered theirs to extend 4″ and as much as 6″ beyond the actual crate. That dimension is up to you but, we recommend that it extend a minimum of 2″ beyond the edge of the crate.

These crate mats are generally used for separation anxiety crates located usually in the family traffic area such as the Xtreme Dog crates found here.


TheĀ  Mat For Under Dog Crate comes with a “Happiness Guarantee!” Use your pad for 30 days and if for any reason you don’t like it; you can return the mat for a full refund. No freight will be included in your refund. Happiness Guarantee Logo

Each crate pad comes with a 90-day dig proof warranty. If your dog digs through the mat surface making it unusable, we’ll issue a full refund or send a replacement pad.

Crate pads are not warrantied for chewing with the exception of our Deluxe Chew Proof dog crate mat. If your dog is a big-time chewer, you should not put any crate pad in his or her crate. Carrymydog.com and TuffComfort are not liable for any problems resulting from your dog chewing the crate pad. This pad goes under the crate or kennel. Click to learn more about Chew-Proof mats.

Protect your floors while protecting your dog from excess cold or heat. Order yours today!


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