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When more people are staying at home, more and more dogs are finding homes. As more dogs find homes, finding crates for large breed dogs has become a significant problem. For example, anyone with a Mastiff or a Dane or other large breeds with behavioral issues such as high anxiety or noise phobia has found searching for the largest heavy-duty dog crate is a daunting task.


A couple of manufacturers have a 54” available, but it’s made with small diameter wire. You don’t want to put your large breed K9 in these types of crates because your large breed K9 will kick out the tray and walk the crate all around the house. Then, he will, at some point, exit out a corner of the crate. The crate’s corner will snap back, and the corner will close. You will be trying to figure out how your dog escaped a crate with no signs of escape.

The most important reason you don’t want that wire crate is dangerous to your dog. If your dog should start chewing their way out and get stuck in the wire while trying to escape, you may come home to a lot of blood and sometimes teeth on the floor.


Some of the crates touting “heavy-duty” have tubular construction. The problem is that the tubing walls are thin. If your dog bites down on the tube and it collapses, it can lose its holding strength. Plus, some of the tubular crates have vertical tubes that are not welded top and bottom. Strong dogs can collapse the tubes then remove them from the socket. In short, they will start on the next tube, and at some point, they will walk out of the crate.


What if you could find a crate with the design and all the features one needs to contain the largest and strongest dog breeds regardless of size, weight, or attitude.

What if your Mastiff, or any of the other larger breeds, has high anxiety or noise phobic issues? How many crates have you purchased trying to find a crate large enough and strong enough to hold and protect your dog? How many couches or chairs have you bought to replace those destroyed by your loveable K9 buddy?



You can find large crates, but they’re made with wire, and wire crates are dangerous to your dog. You can find heavy-duty crates, but they are typically too small for the larger breed dogs. Some owners will still try to stuff their dog into a smaller crate simply because it bears the manufacturer’s tag of “heavy-duty.”

It’s time to skip over all those wannabe crates out there and get a genuine heavy-duty dog crate. So you ask yourself, “how will you know it’s a true heavy-duty crate?” Firstly, it will bear the best name in heavy-duty dog crates: XTreme® Dog Crates. Would you please read on for many other details about these strongest dog crates?


Yes, there is a solution. It’s a solution that makes sense. The Xtreme® heavy-duty line of dog crates have crates that measure;

  • 60” L x 44” W x 44” H
  • 60” L x 60” W x 44” H

If you need a somewhat smaller crate, we have a couple of 54” crates from which to choose.

Those sizes are;

  • 54” x 42” x 44” H
  • 54” x 54” x 44” H

These are the largest sizes in our standard line of crates for large and small dogs needing escape-proof crating.
We enjoy building custom crates.
We recently built a custom crate for a customer whose dog is currently under 1 year old. The customer knows how big his dog will become. The size we made for him was 60” x 60” x 60” High. Yes, custom crate requests are welcomed.


Find out what other dog owners have to say about their XTreme® Dog Crates.

Testimonial Banner Xtreme dog crates

Learn more about Xtreme heavy duty dog crates from


If you have questions about any of these features, please call us, and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have about these truly strongest heavy-duty dog crates.

  • Escape Proof design and material
  • Indestructible steel
  • Drop-Pin design means – Minimum tools required for assembly or disassembly
  • Galvanized steel crate floor pan
  • The crate is welded everywhere metal touches metal
  • Sturdy 14 gauge tubular steel frame
  • Powerful Schlage deadbolt – the door stays locked
  • Quick & easy take-apart for storage or transport 5-10 Minutes
  • It fits through any door one piece at a time
  • 3/16ths diameter wire for the most robust walls and top
  • Spot welds every 2” means strength is no. 1 objective
  • Powder-coated for rust resistance & long life
  • Guaranteed No Escape Warranty to the original purchaser for the life of your dog
  • Custom designs & sizes are available. Call for quotes.
  • Dogs can see 360 degrees which reduce anxiety
  • If a dog chews on the crate, nothing moves. This usually means the dog stops chewing

Would you please go over to and learn more about these genuinely heavy-duty crates? We explain things like,

  • The Schlage deadbolt locking system for all the Houdini dogs out there
  • The door construction – No more tweaks at the top and bottom corners
  • Euro Door – Strong and handsome too
  • Food and Water lockable option
  • and much more at


While we don’t recommend it, some dog owners will stretch their money and improve function byRiley and Luna in their all new strongest heavy duty dog crate by Xtreme dog crates from keeping two or more dogs in one of our larger crates. As the dog owner, you know your dogs. If you’re like me, you can, most times, understand them to the point of knowing. You will be right most of the time. My point is, you will know if your dogs will get along in the crate together while you’re not at home. They’ve been together, in most cases, for years, and they’re buds.

Here are Riley and Luna from Illionois enjoying their new crate. Their owner’s first comment to us was, “I opened the door, and they both walked right in.” We hear this from most of our customers. Some of these customers have made statements about their past crates like “I had to get behind him and push him into the crate.” That doesn’t happen with Xtreme dog crates. We believe there are two reasons why dogs of all breeds and sizes like going into our crates. First, they can see 360 degrees from anywhere inside the crate. Second, the door is just about as big as the side of the crate. There are no tiny 20” doors like some manufacturers like to install on their crates. Your dogs will never scrape their backs when walking into or out of an XTreme dog crate.

Just a note regarding the two deadbolts on the door. This is how our customer wanted her door to look like. We tell everyone they only need one deadbolt, but they insist on two or three because past crates have allowed the dog to break out of the door. One deadbolt is included in the price of your new crate.

These escape-proof heavy-duty crates are strong enough to hold anything you’re strong enough to put in them!

Don’t spend more money on another crate from which your dog will escape. Get a new XTreme heavy-duty dog crate guaranteed to hold your dog or your money back. Contact us today! Peace of mind is in knowing that your sweet dog is right where you left him, in their Xtreme heavy-duty dog crate.

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