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Heavy Duty Dog Crates Separation Anxiety Noise Phobia

A truly Heavy Duty Dog Crate that provides both maximum security and safety for your separation anxiety or noise phobic dog is not easy to find. All our customers have 2 crucial questions when searching for a heavy duty dog crate for their separation anxiety dog. These are the two most important questions when evaluating any dog crate.Xtreme heavy duty dog crate from carrymydogdotcom

  1. Will this crate contain my dog?
  2. Will my dog be safe inside this crate?

Those questions make sense, right? These are the two main concerns of customers when evaluating heavy duty dog crates for their escape artist dogs.

Question 1: Will this crate hold my dog?

The answer is “absolutely!” There are lots of reasons why I say that with total confidence. Let’s touch on a few now.

With separation anxiety dogs, security is the primary consideration. When evaluating a crate we always look to the door first. Is it strong enough? Is it big enough? How does it lock and how many locks does it have? How many locks do you need?Closeup of Schlage deadbolt used on all Xtreme®crates

This “Maximum Security” crate uses a Schlage deadbolt to lock the door. Yes, it’s just like the one you probably have on your front door. Keyed deadbolts are optional as well as the number of keyed and non-keyed deadbolts.

Most dogs are “pushers,” but a few are “pullers.” Can you imagine any dog getting this door open? I think not. Due to the design and material thickness one deadbolt is sufficient but some customers put two on their crate just for their peace of mind.

Question 2: Can my dog hurt himself in this crate?

While we make no guarantees regarding the safety of your dog while inside this crate or any crate. We can tell you that we’ve not had anyone say that their dogs have hurt themselves inside these crates.

Since none of us speak dog, we must make some assumptions. We believe that when the wire is tested by the dog and the wire doesn’t move; the dog will go on to something else to chew on. When nothing inside the crate moves the dog will typically settle and relax with his confinement. Learn more at CarryMyDog.com.

Wire Grid Size

The size of the squares or holes in the welded wire steel mesh has been significantly reduced. Smaller holes make it difficult if not impossible for your dog to chew the wire. This will reduce the potential for mouth bleeding and broken teeth and your vet bills too. This isn’t happening with these crates. Please have a look at the testimonials at the bottom of the page.

Since the vent holes are smaller to prevent chewing, we’ve increased the number of holes on all three sides to make sure your dog has plenty of ventilation.

Wire & Metal ThicknessHeavy Duty Dog Crate by Xtreme from Carrymydog.com

The welded steel wire used is 4.5 gauge. Remember, the smaller the number, the thicker the wire. That makes for a super strong heavy duty dog crate Compare our 4.5 gauge wire to the big box store 18 or 20 gauge wire crates. There is no comparison. These are truly heavy duty dog crates ready to hold anything you want to put inside them.

Bring on your strongest, smartest Houdini dog. This heavy duty dog crate is up to the task.

Welded Steel Wire

There are NO door bars on Xtreme® dog crates. The welded steel wire has so much more holding power. This design makes this heavy duty dog crate the strongest and safest crate unmatched by any other door or crate in the industry.

What is Drop-Pin Design?

Our drop-pin design means you can take your crate apart or assemble it in under 5 minutes. You insert pins into the hinges and other areas without any tools. Here’s how easy it is.

Standard Features

In addition to the special features developed for and designed into this super strong heavy duty dog crate, consider this list of standard features found in all our crates.

  • Escape Proof
  • Indestructible welded steel wire
  • Drop-Pin design – No Tools Required
  • Super-thick 4.5 gauge welded steel wire mesh 2″ x 2″ openings
  • Crate components are welded everywhere metal touches metal
  • Sturdy 16 gauge square steel tubing used for framing welded wire components
  • Powerful Schlage deadbolt – keeping the door closed
  • Collapsible design for easy transport or storage
  • Collapsible means you can fit it will fit through any existing door
  • Powder coated for rust resistance & long life
  • 10 Year Warranty to original purchaser
  • Available in custom colors (optional)


We are so sure this heavy duty dog crate will perform for you that we are offering a free 10 Year Warranty.


This crate ships assembled on a pallet via LTL Truck. For shipment to Canada and Alaska call for quotes.

Lead Time

The standard lead time for our standard models is 2 to 3 business weeks. Custom crates are 3 to 4 business weeks. A custom crate is defined as a crate that will be incorporating optional design or optional items.

This High Anxiety dog crate is an investment in your future and your dogs future. It can save your dogs’ life and save your home too.

Get your heavy duty dog crate for maximum security and manage your dog’s high anxiety once and for all. This crate is lower priced than a new couch, door facings, wall repair and vet bills that result from dogs escaping their crates.

Order yours today!

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  1. James Kieckhefer says:

    Good web site but how do I buy a dog crate, any prices or are they free?
    I have searched all over your site very frustrating looking at pictures with no prices. Do you have a catalog I want to buy a crate maybe you don’t sell, I want to buy a crate please respond

  2. Bill Beavers says:

    Thanks for your comment. May I suggest you try http://www.carrymydog.com. Lots of crates there, the same ones you’ve seen here. Thanks.

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