Heroic Service Dog Target Euthanized After Saving Soldiers In Afghanistan

The Heroic Service Dog Target Euthanized After Saving Soldiers In Afghanistan. Consider that being a Service Dog is serious work no matter what the type of service. Some types of service obviously more dangerous that others.

Dogs serving in the military and in police agencies as well as those searching for folks during a disaster are just a few of the most dangerous areas of work for a service dog.

When the service dog is successful at their job they should be rewarded, not euthanized. A pat on the head or a good rub may be all they expect for a job well done. The service dog “Target” got something else. I will stop now before I go on a rant.

Please read the following article and find out how Target the service dog met his end.

Nominees of USA Today’s “Most Heroic Dog of 2010” turn their votes into voices for fellow nominee, Target.


SAN DIEGO, CA, January 10, 2011… USA Today has narrowed the field down to five dogs in the

Heroic Dog Target


running for Most Heroic Dog of 2010.  Surf Dog Ricochet, the SURFice dog, and Sparkles the Fire Safety Dog have made the top five, along with Target, the Afghanistan dog who saved many soldiers lives, only to lose hers to an erroneous euthanization.  Ricochet & Sparkles have turned their votes into voices for Target, and are now raising funds and awareness for her.

Voting for the five nominees in USA Today’s Most Heroic Dog of 2010 started on Friday, January 7th. Ricochet and Sparkles were honored to be among the five nominees. They began asking their supporters for votes, but quickly joined together, and turned their energy toward fellow nominee, Target.  They are asking people to turn their votes for them into voices by helping with their fundraiser for Target’s cause, Target’s Bunker, a no kill shelter founded by Target’s family.

On the night of February 11, 2010, Target saved the lives of many soldiers in Afghanistan when a suicide bomber walked into a Border Patrol compound.  Target, along with two other stray dogs, sensed something was wrong, and attacked the bomber.  Despite the bombing… she survived.  SGT Terry Young adopted Target, and brought her back to live with him in Arizona. One Friday afternoon, Target got out of the yard, and ended up in a shelter.  Tragically, by Monday morning, she was erroneously euthanized.  “Target’s Bunker” has been formed with the hope of keeping another tragedy like Target’s from happening ever again.

Sparkles the Fire Dog

“Sparkles the Fire Safety Dog”

Ricochet and Sparkles agree… not only is Target USA Today’s Most Heroic Dog of 2010, but she is THEIR hero!  After contacting Target’s family, they began reaching out to their voters, supporters, donors, and the world to help them raise awareness.  Since “Target’s Bunker” is still in it’s infancy stages of development, the fundraising campaign is being held through Puppy Prodigies/Surf Dog Ricochet, a 501(c)3 non profit organization.  Tax deductible donations are being accepted on behalf of “Target’s Bunker”.  Please visit http://www.SurfDogRicochet.com/Target for more information, to make a donation, and to help Ricochet and Sparkles raise awareness of their hero, Target.

Ricochet and Sparkles thank USA Today for giving them such an amazing honor, but more importantly for pointing them in the direction of Target!

For more information, contact Judy Fridono/SurfDog Ricochet at [email protected],

Surf Dog Ricochet

“Surf Dog Ricochet”

707-228-0679, or Dayna Hilton at [email protected] 479-979-7328.

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Once again, hats off to all our brave service dogs. Whether they are in the military or at the beach or at the shopping mall they are serving humanity.

Special thanks today for Heroic Service Dog Target who was mistakenly Euthanized After Saving Soldiers In Afghanistan. Let’s hope that this never ever happens again.


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  1. Cat Collar says:

    Hey, great site. I just found it on Google today and definitly will be bookmarking it.

  2. Jeffrey A. Kibler says:

    It is painful to see that the dog met its end in a very unfair way. Saving is a reward not a mistake. Even how many times you are going to think about it. It is very irrational to do that to any species. I wonder what PETA might think about this.

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