Heavy Duty Dog crates and Beagles Escape Artists

Beagles-The ultimate Escape Artists

Heavy duty dog crates and Beagles brings a surprising video demonstrating the Beagle’s natural abilities to get what they want. I have heard many stories over the years about big strong dogs needing a heavy duty dog crate. One of the most surprising is why Beagles, a much smaller breed, need their own heavy duty dog crate.

It seems that Beagles are very smart dogs. If you let them have the run of the house they will investigate every corner. If you leave them in a wire crate they will, most often, find a way out and investigate every corner of the house, especially the kitchen. If you put them in a plastic crate they will pop the wire door and they are out. With a Beagle, if they want out, they will find a way out of the box store pet crates.

The solution: a heavy duty dog crate. Yes, it would seem that a Beagle is smarter than the average bear. Take a look at this short video for a great example. This activity is not unusual for the Beagle breed.


You don’t need a heavy duty dog crate because your Beagle is a strong dog but because he is a smart dog. Unfortunately, his brilliance can get him into trouble. So many dangers are lurking around the average home. A few examples are;

Super-Duty Heavy Duty Dog Crate 30 inch

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  • Trash containers that may contain scraps and bones
  • Anything left on a kitchen counter
    i.e. Medication
  • The bathroom is always a dangerous place for a dog
  • Children’s rooms can be hazardous to dogs for obvious reasons
  • Many more too numerous to mention

We are not talking about Canine Separation Anxiety here. We are talking about a dog breed that simply gets bored. If he wants out of his crate he will find a way.


Of course, the first thing you and I thought is that the manufacturer should have had smaller holes in the bottom of the crate. The smaller the crate the smaller the spaces between the wire needs to be. So if you have a Beagle or other dog breed that exhibits the same or similar traits of doggie intelligence you should consider a Heavy Duty Dog Crate for your dog.

Here is another example of a Beagle escape artist in an outside pen.


I hope that Heavy Duty Dog crates and Beagles has been informative and fun too. Please know that with a great heavy duty dog crate your dog will be where you left him when you get home. Peace of mind is hard to find when it comes to some dogs and some breeds. Now you have the solution.

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