Heavy duty dog crate Collapsible steel from CarryMyDog.com

Heavy Duty Dog Crate Collapsible Steel. “GUARANTEED TOUGH ENOUGH”


Heavy Duty Dog Crate Indestructible Escape Proof & Collapsible

Dog owners searching for a Heavy Duty Dog crate, it indeed is a jungle out there. There are so many claims about which crates are indestructible, escape-proof and, price points from one end of the spectrum to the other. Take a little extra time and really look at the construction and design of crates being touted as “heavy duty.” When you examine the design and materials you can easily see that most crates are not what they appear to be. During your search just remember: “If a $200 crate held your Separation Anxiety dog everyone would be selling $200 crates!”

Why would you want to own this crate?

I will introduce you to a Heavy Duty Dog Crate that is truly;

GIANT Heavy Duty Dog Crate Escape Proof & Indestructible from CarryMyDog.com

GIANT Heavy Duty Dog Crate Escape Proof & Indestructible!

• Indestructible
• Escape Proof
Strongest dog crate on the market today


This dog crate offers the best warranty in the Heavy Duty dog crate industry.

You will receive a 10-year Manufacturer’s Warranty.

The manufacturer will replace a defective part for up to 10 years to the original purchaser. Once you see this crate, you will instantly know that you won’t be using the warranty.


Why do we offer a warranty that is many years longer than warranties on competitor dog crates? Because the strong steel materials are welded every place, metal touches metal. 6 gauge welded wire is used for all panels except the bottom. We know this crate to be truly indestructible.


Schlage deadbolt closeup Heavy duty dog crate door.

Schlage: The Best “Hold” money can buy!

  • 6 Gauge Welded Wire mesh for durability and strength
  • The smaller the gauge number, the larger the wire diameter
  • Easiest and quickest assembly in the heavy duty dog crate industry
  • Giant crate sizes available up to 60″ long x 46″ wide x 46″ high
  • Ships via Truck
  • Wire mesh openings are 3″ x 3″
  • Powerful Schlage deadbolt lock means the door isn’t coming open unless you open it
  • Collapsible feature easy transport, storage and fitting through doorways
  • Powder coated for rust resistance & long life
  • Available in custom colors (optional)
  • Available in custom sizes and door location
  • Rugged removable galvanized pan 
  • Want double locks? No problem

Let’s go further into the features:

6 Gauge Welded Wire goes beyond steel hollow bars often used for heavy-duty dog crates. 6 gauge wire is an unusually large diameter for a dog crate, even a heavy duty dog crate. Don’t be fooled: Just because it’s wire it isn’t like any wire crate you’ve seen before!

Easy assembly Your heavy duty dog crate is fully assembled and ready to go in under 5 minutes.

No Tools Required!

The Collapsible Heavy Duty Dog Crate has been a tremendous success because:

The word is “portable” so when going to your vacation home or other outings, the crate, and your dog, can go with you. There are no worries about getting the crate through your door because it arrives in pieces to be put together inside the house.

Easy loading into your SUV, car or truck when traveling. Easy to store. Easier to move without the weight of the entire crate. Move one piece at a time to a vehicle or to storage once it is in knock-down pieces.

The handsome coating means your heavy duty dog crate will look good for years to come.

When you open the door, your dog walks in gently and easily. No “stepping up” then stepping in. That means “no training required.”

When do you need an Indestructible Escape Proof Heavy Duty Dog Crate?

You know when you need this kind of a dog crate. Your dog is an Angel when you’re home but not so when you leave. You may find one or more of the following waiting for you when you return home;

• Damaged carpet
• Damaged furniture
• Existing dog crate moved to another part of the room
• Your dog is out of his crate wagging his tail upon your return
• Broken window
• Chewed drywall
• Bloody dog resulting from a big box store wire crate escape
• Other: I have other stories from customers too graphic to put here.

This indestructible heavy duty dog crate can be a lifesaver for your dog.

Customers have told me about their dogs finding medication left on counters. No deaths have been reported, but the possibility exists. There was quite a mess to clean up throughout the house.

Customers have told me numerous stories of finding their dog with a bloody mouth or mouth and neck resulting from chewing on their cheaper wire crates. When your dog manages to get his nose or head through the wire, he finds he can’t get his body through the same hole. He then tries to pull his head back into the crate. The broken wire from the wire crate can stab your dog in the neck and head, a hazardous situation for any dog.

The “Chewer” vs. the “Pusher”

But, let us not forget the “Pusher.” In a wire dog crate, they will

heavy duty dog crate blue


push first at the door. If they can’t get out there, they will push against the sides. The keepers in the corner will pop, and out they go. This will not happen with our indestructible welded wire dog crates. If a chewer attempts to break the welded wire he will not be successful for two reasons. First, the welded wire is 6 gauge wire (very thick) for a wire. Second, there is no “give” in the wire since it is welded a number of times to other wire strands as well as to the steel frame.

What about locks?

The Collapsible Heavy Duty Dog crate is beautiful in its’ simplicity. No padlocks or caribeeners needed. Can I say that this heavy duty dog crate has a “worry no more” door? A Schlage deadbolt has been designed into this super strong heavy duty crate. Once the door is locked, it will stay locked. No keys to keep up with. Schlage is a name you trust to keep your crates’ door closed until you open it. 

In Summary

Our 10 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty alone would be a reason to own this crate. Together with the versatility of being able to take this heavy duty dog crate with you, it seems like a no-brainer.

When you need a heavy duty dog crate for your strong dog, please consider our heavy duty dog crate. It’s Indestructible, Escape Proof and Collapsible. It will hold anything you’re strong enough to put in it. Of course, it will be the last crate you will ever need to purchase. Check it out now. We would enjoy doing business with you. 

These great crates typically ship in 48 to 72 hours after order placement. Get yours on the road today!

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8 Responses to “Heavy Duty Dog Crate Indestructible Escape Proof”

  1. John McCoy says:

    You never mention what the crate cost and where to order from… I need that info please

  2. Jennifer Wilmes says:

    Interested and want to order???? How can I get one and how much?

  3. Hello Jennifer Wilmes,

    I just noticed your comment on my blog as: “Interested and want to order???? How can I get one and how much?”

    Many times folks just write things but aren’t serious. I answer them all anyway. You sounded serious.

    So, if you are serious, you will find the largest collection of Heavy Duty Dog Crates anywhere (top quality and they work)


    Thanks so much. I look forward to your order or contact with questions.

    All the best,

    Bill Beavers
    Customer Service Director

  4. Charmaine Fedick says:

    How do I get one??? How much are they?

  5. Hello Charmaine, please click over to http://www.carrymydog.com/dog_crates.html and you will find all your answers there. State of the art heavy duty dog crates! Thank you for your question.

  6. Greetings. I have an Akita “throw back”. He is adorable but not the type I choose to show or breed. A great, big, stubborn boy injured as a pup and thus never to leave us. The Vet specifically corrected me when I commented Prints was fat at 135 pounds at one year old. The Vet says he doesn’t carry an ounce of fat anywhere! This I believe as he is now five and has broken out of every crate I’ve tried, including a drop pin Giant crate. Made for Saints, Newfies and Wolfhounds. So…do you really believe this one might work? If only for short periods of time? We had to replace the chain link on his run with extra heavy gauge wire as he routinely broke thru TWO gates or TWO panels. He just wants to be in the house all the time and sometimes it just isn’t convenient! I’ve been considering a 500 inside a 700 or even making one using expanded metal with rebar corners, but this would be much more convenient. He has not broken thru the replacement kennel at 9 gauge so it may work well. Is it possible to have it DOUBLE welded at each point? Any advice would be seriously appreciated!!!

  7. Hi Bill! I have been devouring your website and I am so thankful as you are a wealth of information about dog crates!

    We have a 70+ lb german shepherd/lab mix (we aren’t sure of his breed — maybe even pit?) but he has absolutely destroyed every crate we have ever tried to put him in. He has TERRIBLE separation anxiety and is absolutely terrified of thunderstorms and loud noises. He has dug up two vinyl floors, destroyed multiple door frames and has even destroyed our very expensive memory foam bed. We need something to contain him for a few hours a day when we are gone.

    Getting to my question, I have been doing a ton of research on escape proof crates and I think with my budget and what we are looking for I have settled on the Impact brand crates. My question is, is there a difference in durability between the collapsible and the stationary crate? I’m specifically worried about the collapsible crate’s front and back walls — do they compromise the integrity of the crate at all? I can imagine my dog pushing the walls and moving the crate or possibly getting at one of the corners and escaping. So is the collapsible or the stationary crate better for my crazy mutt? It would be nice to have the collapsible crate for when we travel but honestly, it’s not a necessity as we rarely travel with our dog. Mostly I’m just worried about which will be strong enough to contain my Houdini dog. We are very worried about his safety. Thanks in advance for any information you can provide! 🙂

  8. Bill Beavers says:

    All our Xtreme Heavy Duty Dog Crates are guaranteed “No Escapes” for 5 years which means it may as well be a lifetime guarantee. No need for double welding. We have it under control. Our crates will hold anything you’re strong enough to put inside it. https://www.carrymydog.com/strongest-heavy-duty-dog-crate-escape-proof-indestructible?variantId=701

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