Have Children Exercise Your Dog

Now you can have your children exercise your dog. They say “a tired dog is a happy dog.” If you believe that is true then you are going to love this short video.

This is so cool I will be searching out this product for my website. At first glance my instinct was to think it cruel to have a dog exercising like this. After watching the video I changed my mind. I think this is an excellent idea for both children and dogs.


Here’s your short video on a new way to exercise your dog and your children too.


Yes, it’s True – It is a “Dog Powered Scooter”

You can find out more about this new Dog Scooter here. They have multiple models and accessories too. I think it is a great idea. It occurs to me that it isn’t just for children either. My mistake. I should have said children too.

Here is an excerpt from their website;

The first dog pulled devices which place the dog or dogs behind the steering wheel. This gives the rider precision steering control of the dog with no commands necessary. It’s easy to ride, safe and appropriate for an urban environment. Virtually not dog training is required. This makes dog mushing accessible to most breeds, age of rider, location and season. 

It will be interesting to find out how this will catch on, this having your children exercise your dog. I do know that if you have a dog with Separation Anxiety you are advised to give your dog plenty of exercise before putting them in their heavy duty dog crate and leaving the house. It does help.

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  1. alex white says:

    Definitely a very innovative and beneficial idea that you’ve put up. But the only thing that i’ll change would be speed as i’d rather increase the duration and keep the pace with the dog a bit on the lower side, at a pace that’d be comfortable for my dog too.

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