Great Dane and Goat Friends Forever

Please enjoy this short video that brings us another confirmation that some of God’s creatures have a mind of their own. A goat and Great Dane have bonded. They sleep curled up together and even eat of the same bowl.

We can also see that humans are touched by these two and put their money and their best efforts where their mouth is.

Know of a good home? Contact the East Lake Pet Orphanage at [email protected] .

Dallas News |

This shelter is in the Dallas area.

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  2. Beautiful! Hope they found a nice big place to stay together in! I loved the look on the goats face when it was together with it’s big friend.

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  4. A beautiful insight can be gained from these adorable dog and goat. It is possible to achieve harmony despite differences. If these creatures can be friends, why can’t peoples? This post brings me a lot of hope for humanity.

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