Escape Artist Dog Gotta Love those Angel Dogs

The Chewer – the Pusher

Let’s talk today about the “Chewer.” The chewer is perhaps the most common type of Escape Artist dog. Unlike the other varieties, “The Chewer” comes in all sizes. The larger the Chewer the more damage done to themselves and their wire dog crate and many times, your property as well.


Perfect Angel Dogs

The Chewer is most often an adoption dog with their history unknown. The Chewer typically has Canine Separation Anxiety. The Chewer does not want to be left alone at all, ever. They say that in life everything is in balance and that the good offsets the bad. Well in this case everyone and I mean 100% of my customers agree that when the Separation Anxiety Escape Artist chewer is home with their owners and family they are absolutely perfect angels.

The Chewer is the most dangerous type of Escape Artist dog

The Chewer is the most dangerous type of escape artist dog. Why? Opportunities exist for these dogs to hurt themselves. Unlike other types of dog enclosures the folding dog crate or otherwise known as the wire dog crate found at big box pet stores and online, gives the Escape Artist dog the opportunity to compress the wires with his mouth so that the welds snap. Once he knows he can snap the wire then he is, as they say, off to the races.

At some point they can create a hole large enough to get their nose through. They will then either chew to

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make the hole larger or they will push their head through.

First, there is the potential for damage to the teeth from chewing. The result is pain and vet bills. Even more dangerous is when the separation anxiety dog realizes that the head is stuck and tries to pull its’ head back into the wire dog crate. Discovering that he cannot get his head back in the dog crate, he continues to try. The result can be disastrous. The ends of the broken wires stick him in the neck causing bleeding. This bleeding is on top of an already bleeding mouth from chewing the pet crate.

Chewers don’t usually escape their wire dog crates

In addition, the escape artist dog may have poked one or more small holes in his neck from the broken wire ends. These holes may go unnoticed and go without treatment. After a few days they may begin to fester from infection. Now your escape artist dog will experience more pain and so will you after you get the vet bill.

Chewers don’t usually escape their wire dog crates. They would probably be safer if they did.

I know this all sounds rather gruesome. This information is not from my personal experience but from my heavy duty dog crate customers. By the time these escape artist dog owners get to me they are at the end of their patience.

By the way, all you Pit Bull owners should know that your breed seems to be the worst at chewing their folding wire dog crates. This may be because of the strength of their jaws. That’s no slam against Pit Bulls. It’s simply a note to Pit owners.


It’s very simple: a Heavy Duty Dog Crate. Many dog owners don’t know about these dog crates.

You can see the largest selection of Heavy Duty Dog crates and choose one that fits your budget, your dog and your home. Most have

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wheels and metal pans but I am finding that wheels and metal pans aren’t necessary for many dog owners. Our selection of “Good-Better-Best” heavy duty dog crates offers something for everyone. Check out our “Super-Duty” Heavy Duty Dog crates. They are a bit more expensive but they come fully assembled with a 3 Year Manufacturers Warranty. If you dog breaks the dog crate, we will send you a new one for the first 3 years. It is absolutely the best warranty in the heavy duty dog crate industry.

If you have an Escape Artist dog that is a “Chewer” do yourself and your dog a favor: corral him or her in one of our many heavy duty dog crates. The result is peace of mind and a safe place for your dog to stay while you are away from home.

Little Angel Dogs-It’s All About the Owners-Not the Breed


Heavy Duty Dog Crates Save Dogs’ Lives

  • Don’t return that shelter dog. Get them a heavy duty dog crate.
  • Manage their Canine Separation Anxiety until you can get them help.
  • Prevent damage to them by getting your new heavy duty dog crate at the first sign of a Separation Anxiety issue.
  • Don’t wait. Waiting could be hazardous to your dog.
  • Prevent damage to your property.
  • Prevent damage to others should your Escape Artist get out of the house.

Please Remember . . . . . .

“She is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are her life, her love, her leader. She will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of her heart. You owe it to her to be worthy of such devotion.”  ~~Unknown


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  1. George Bower says:

    I have a Great Pyrenees puppy. I want to purchase a crate that will fold, and be able to handle him as he grows.
    Size, Price etc?

  2. We have a St. Bernard who moves furniture just by leaning up against it. She is a big strong girl at 170 lbs. Finding a fancy dog collar for her is impossible, let alone finding a crate she can’t walk out of! We would be interested in offering your crates in our store. Do you wholesale to retailers?

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