What My Dog Taught Me About Eating

What my dog taught me about eating is a post that educates and reminds us about our eating habits when dogs are in the house. I am an offender although I do try to remember as much as possible.

Bad eating habits can be extremely hazardous as this post will explain. I have another post about keeping your pets safe. It has most of the things you don’t ever want to feed your dog. This post discusses something that wasn’t on my list.

Take a lesson while you enjoy;

What My Dogs Taught Me About Mindful Eating

Last night I was sitting on the couch watching TV with my husband when I decided I wanted a snack. I got up and grabbed a nectarine out of the kitchen. Then, I broke my own first rule of mindful eating…

I took it to the couch and started eating it while watching T.V. (I usually instruct clients to eat without any distractions, such as the TV).

Even though the nectarine was a healthy snack, my mindless eating still caused me problems. Because I was distracted by the T.V., after I was done with the nectarine, I set the pit rolled up in my napkin on the end table by the couch. Later when I got up to go take a shower, I forgot about it and left it there while my dogs stayed curled up on the couch.

After I got my shower, I returned to the couch and noticed the napkin was ripped up and on the floor. I realized that my dog, Inky, had found the nectarine pit and eaten it. My heart started racing as I remembered reading that peach or nectarine pits were especially dangerous for dogs because they could become lodged in the dog’s intestinal tract and kill them within 24 hours of eating it.

I told my husband what had happened and after a call to the pet emergency line, a call to the animal poison control line, and $65 dollars, we were told that we needed to induce vomiting to try and get the pit out. My husband had to go out and buy some hydrogen peroxide that we used along with the other instructions from the animal poison control line to induce Inky to vomit.

About 30 minutes later I was on my hands and knees examining the vomit for any signs of the pit and wishing that I had been more mindful about my eating. I did end up finding the pit and Inky was fine, thankfully, but I will be a lot more careful from now on to be a more mindful eater. Read More. . . . . .

I hope “what my dog taught me about eating” was a helpful reminder with summer fruit season coming on as well as a reminder about other f0ods.

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6 Responses to “What My Dog Taught Me About Eating”

  1. It seems that horror stories like yours (some close calls and some that weren’t so lucky) have increased over the past few years. I can’t help but think that as our lives get more hectic with more responsibilities, more media to consume and seemingly less time to do it all in, we forget to be mindful of the little things, like throwing away the fruit pit or the small chicken bones (in my neighbor’s case). Thank you for helping us remember to mind the little things, so they don’t become big problems.

  2. Something similar happened to me with my Spanish Greyhound. I accidently left half a bar of chocolate on the coffee table when I got a phone call. Of course, I left the room and forgot about the chocolate and she ate the whole thing! I had read really bad things about dogs and chocolate and got really worried. She was fine after finding out how to make her vomit, thank God for this post!

  3. Neutering A Dog says:

    This is a very touching story. Funny how animals can make and help us realize certain things that we ourselves must already realize in the first place. Like you, my pet also made me realized how to control my emotions. My pet’s name is fifi, she’s a Dalmatian. Whenever she sensed that I am a little upset on something, she would waggle her tail as if to remind me not to be upset on petty things. Well, it turns out that she’s right. Thanks for sharing this post!

  4. Ok well your post just saved my dogs life she just puked up the seed and now I can sleep better tonight knowing she will be ok. Thank You so much you have no idea what this post meant to me.
    Trina (Pittsburgh Pa).

  5. This blog has helped me tonight my dog just ate a seed and before we spend the money I am going to do exactly what you did. Dumb me put the seed down not even thinking about it. I hope this works.

  6. Cat Trees That Look Like Real Trees says:

    Anyone with pets knows that they can teach you alot about life in general. Whether its something about eating habits to a more important life lesson!

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