War Dogs in Service to America

I have had the pleasure of putting up a few posts about service dogs here on this blog but this is the first time I am able to address war dogs in service to America.

The folks at Carry My Dog.com want to peak your interest enough to go visit another writer on another blog. The story there has all the great pictures and information you will need including the activities of the service dog involved in the Bin Laden raid.

I first saw some of these photos on Fox news this weekend. A Canadian company, K9 Storm, makes combat gear for our military dogs in service. Their site is a real pleasure to visit, a real learning experience and, the photography is extra special.

This is just a short post about dogs in service to America, dogs saving our troops from IEDs and many other things that go “boom” sometimes little known to all of us back here at home.

Here’s a couple of my favorite photos from “War Dog” by Rebecca Frankel over at the FP blog.

Airborne War Dog

I know these War Dogs are certainly well trained and you know they would die for their handlers.

K9 War Dog Jumps Airborne

I hope you’ve enjoyed this quick peek into War Dogs in Service to America. Without them there would be many more lives lost over in the the big sandbox. May God bless you each and every one and watch over your handlers too. Come home safe!

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2 Responses to “War Dogs in Service to America”

  1. Hi Lynn, Thanks so much for your kind comment. I agree completely with what you said about our dogs and our horses. What a wonderful world if we humans could be more like them is ways of love and loyalty. Do you have your new book out yet?

  2. Bill, it is a continuing theme of our time that while humans disappoint and pursue strictly selfish desires, dogs and horses remain simple, honorable, and true to the nature God gave them. Dogs rise above themselves; horses rise above themselves; and other animals also show greater commitment and love than many or most people.
    Thanks for the wonderful introduction to these marvelous teams. God bless them all!

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