Veteran reunited with dogs given up for adoption 6 years ago

A Veteran reunited with dogs given up for adoption 6 years ago is one of those really great feel good stories. Some would call it a miracle. I would argue with either.

We’ve all heard strange and unusual stories about pets doing this or that. This one is much more than coincidence I think. I choose to call it a miracle since the odds are so great that they would ever see each other again.

Now, from the Poodle and Dog Blog enjoy the story of how a veteran was reunited with his dog, the dog he had given up for adoption 6 years earlier.

From the Seattle Times comes an amazing story of a most unlikely reunion. Is it coincidence…or destiny?

In 2004, when he went into the Navy, Raymond Behrans, now 24, reluctantly gave up his two Beagles, a brother and sister he named Bullet and Trigger.

He had originally gotten them when he was 16 to hunt rabbits with him, hence the names. However when he put them in a rabbit pen, “They were scared of the rabbit. They didn’t hunt long. They became my lap dogs,” he said. It broke his heart to have to leave them.

After serving as a Navy Seabee in Japan, Iraq and twice in Afghanistan, he returned home, married and became a father. Settling down, he decided it was time to get another furry friend to round out his family.

As he searched online adoption agencies he was struck by two Beagles that looked like his hunting buddies/lap dogs. It seemed unbelievable but the markings were the same, the town was the same, they were brother and sister, and even the names were the same.

He contacted the agency and learned that a couple had adopted them from Behren’s mother in 2004. Now that they were moving and having a baby they were putting up the dogs for adoption.

An anonymous donor heard his story and paid the $180 adoption fee in appreciation of Behren’s service in the military.

Now six years later he is again united with Trigger and Bullet. They probably won’t be doing much rabbit hunting though.

Interesting isn’t it? One family gives up dogs because they are going to have a baby while another family adopts them to become part of their family.

I hope you enjoyed this story of how a Veteran reunited with dogs given up for adoption 6 years ago. Somethings are just meant to be I suppose. Lend a hand wherever you can to serving soldiers, veterans and pets. They are all part of our makeup, part of who we are as a people.

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