Strongest Heavy Duty Dog Crates Indestructible Escape Proof

Made in the USA

Strongest Heavy Duty Dog Crates Indestructible Escape Proof

Our Strongest Heavy Duty Dog Crates bring with them a 10-Year Free Replacement Warranty.

Our strongest heavy duty dog crates are indestructible & escape proof by design. Once you know how

Strongest Heavy duty dog crates escape proof indestructible by Xtreme

“Guaranteed Tough Enough”

they’re built and the materials used to build them you will understand why “Indestructible” is an accurate word to best describe these strongest heavy duty dog crates. These welded wire steel crates are constructed using 6 gauge welded wire. The lower the number, the thicker the wire.

You probably already know why you need one of our strongest heavy duty dog crates, so let’s go into that later. Right now let’s talk about why these crates are the strongest heavy duty dog crates available anywhere. It will securely hold any dog or other pet you are strong enough to put inside.

The brand of these crates is Xtreme Dog Crates. They are Made in the USA. Xtreme’s says all their crates are “Guaranteed Tough Enough!” These heavy duty crates are welded everywhere metal touches metal. Consequently, it just doesn’t get any better or stronger than that!

What makes our Strongest Heavy Duty Dog Crates so strong?

  •  Made in the USAMade in the USA
  •  All hinges are welded
  •  Mesh opening size is 2″ x 2″.
  •  Schlage Deadbolt for a super secure door – the best security
  •  The frame is made from sturdy 1″ steel tubing
  •  Made from 6 gauge heavy duty welded wire. This wire doesn’t break
  •  Full-size door opening on end makes for better security and easy access for you and your dog
  •  The floor is galvanized and is removable for cleaning.
  •  I know you will agree that your dog will not find a way out of our strongest heavy duty dog crates

Drop-Pin Design

This video will demonstrate the ease of assembly. NO TOOLS REQUIRED! This crate assembles or disassembles in under 5 minutes. It just doesn’t get any easier or any better.


Benefits of owning one of our Strongest Heavy Duty Indestructible Escape Proof Dog Crates

  •  10 Year Replacement Warranty
  •  2 x 2″ Wire openings make chewing the wire more difficult
  •  No other manufacturer, to my knowledge, offers such an extended replacement warranty period
  •  Custom manufacturing available. Tell us the size you need. We will make it for you.
  •  Warranty and Strength unmatched in the industry
  •  These Strongest Heavy Duty Dog Crates assemble in 5 minutes or less
  •  5 sizes to choose from
  •  Roller Base available for dog crate mobility
  • 2 sizes of Giant crates are now available up to 60″ long

You know you need our strongest heavy duty dog crates when;

Your dog exhibits Canine Separation Anxiety by proceeding to destroy your home when you’re not there. Just a few examples are chewed carpet, chewed walls and drapes, your dog jumps through windows that are closed, scratches at the door until it is beyond repair. There are many more examples, but you will know when your dog has Separation Anxiety because of the damage sometimes to the house and to him or herself as well.

According to my customers:  Medication doesn’t work, locking them in the bedroom doesn’t work (how about that carpet) and, a new wire cage doesn’t work when you have a Canine Separation Anxiety or noise phobic dog.

Your energetic dog refuses to stay in the wire dog crate. We call these dogs Escape Artists. No matter what you do, they still have an overwhelming need to be with you all the time.

Schlage deadbolt help make these the strongest heavy duty dog crates you can buy

Shall we discuss the “pusher?” Many strong dogs will “push” a wire crate until something snaps then they just walk out. If this happens, you should know that buying another wire crate will end the same way. You need one of our genuinely indestructible strongest heavy duty dog crates. The Schlage deadbolt keeps the dog crate door secure at all times. It doesn’t get any better than Schlage.

Our next category is the “Chewer.” You know, the dog that will not stop chewing until they have popped the welds on the big box store wire crate and managed to get their head through.

Noise Phobia

Perhaps your dog has Noise Phobia, you know, thunderstorms, sirens and other loud noises of unknown origin. Do them a favor and get them a “real” heavy duty dog crate. If you choose, you can provide a cover and make them feel secure. You just need to know your dog. Some dogs enjoy the “den” effect. Others need to see out when they’re in their crate. If they can’t see what’s going on around them, they may become more anxious. Know your dog.

Most dogs are den animals. They like their safe space, their den. This heavy duty dog crate provides that. Senior dogs especially appreciate being able to rest in a secure place away from house traffic, children and younger dogs.

If you have an aggressive dog, you should have a strongest heavy duty dog crate. I say “dog crate or litigate.” No one wants to see their dog in trouble. Enough said about that.

If you are a renter, you want to be sure your dog doesn’t damage property you don’t own. That could cost you far more than the expense of a heavy duty dog crate. If your dog has ever escaped from a wire dog crate, then you need one of our heavy duty crates right now.

When to buy a Heavy Duty Dog crate for your dog.

Note:  Most of my customers have previously purchased 2 or 3 wire dog crates. They keep doing the same thing and expecting different results. If your dog escaped from the first wire dog crate, then he will, without a doubt, escape from the second and third wire dog crates just as easily.

The time to buy your heavy-duty dog crate is when your dog escapes the first dog crate. No amount of bungee cords, chain or bailing wire or 2 by 4s will keep that dog inside the big box store crate. Order your new heavy duty crate today and prevent damage to your home and most likely, damage to your dog as well.

If you think the price of an indestructible steel crate is high, I would like for you to see this post called “Pricing of Heavy Duty Dog Crates – Putting it in Perspective.” This explains the differences between “real” heavy duty crates and the pretenders. I will also show why a “real” heavy duty crate will be the last crate you will ever need to buy.

Order your strongest escape proof indestructible heavy duty dog crate now!

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  1. Do you have pricing avaialble?

  2. Do you have pricing avialable?

  3. Would love pricing and ordering info. Thanks!

  4. Please provide pricing for a 42X30X33 crate including shipping.

  5. Cyndi Hedstrom says:

    Could I please have pricing information for an extra large crate? We have an 85 pound Golden and he would need to move around. Thanks!

  6. Paula Andrews says:

    Please provide us with pricing and ordering info for 48″ crate

  7. I need a kennel that would fit a 90 pound chocolate lab. He was a perfect pet until the passing of our daughter and now he eats doors expecting to find her, I guess. Can you please forward me a price and shipping to Texas.

  8. Edward Collier says:

    Do you have any pricing on your larger crates? Looking for something to contain an 100 lb weimaraner. Thanks!

  9. Hello Edward Collier,

    Thank you for your inquiry.

    Here are a couple of links for you that will do the trick for your Weimaraner.


    Please let me know if you have any other questions.

    All the best,

    Bill Beavers

  10. Dario Hernandez says:

    Hi , I looked at some of your crates and need to get one I have two Belgian Malinois that I can’t and can’t leave both of them out at the same time when I leave so I need to crate one of them while I’m away from home , and the ones I’ve used so far they break open over Time , I need one that is 40lx28hx24w . Can you give me a price thank u

  11. barbara ranieri says:

    Need a price on your 48″ heavy duty crate please get back as soon as possible thank you

  12. barbara ranieri says:

    Need pricing on 48″ thank you

  13. Diane Irwin says:

    Need pricing for an 75 lb Australian Sheppard who has gotten out of even my home. Need quickly. Thank you!

  14. Coleen Johnson says:

    I have a long English Cocker Spaniel about 40 pounds, rescued her at Thanksgiving time. Has escaped from a wire cage/crate. When we return from work, she has chewed walls, doors, etc. Can you suggest a cage size, and provide pricing, shipping costs, etc.

    Thank you,

  15. Stephanie brown says:

    I need a quote for a Maltese. Thank you

  16. Nicole manneback says:

    I need pricing on a crate for a 55 lb dog part pit bull.

  17. Mary Mason says:

    I would like to get pricing for a really heavy duty cage for 120 lb. wolf.. Sweet, sweet girl but an escape artist. I have an outdoor pen that is perfect but need smaller size for indoor use as she gets distressed when she is alone for over an hour or so and will chew (as in eat the house)!! When the weather is too hot she hates being outside. Cold is no problem for her. Any help you can provide will be appreciated.

  18. Evelyn Ackerman says:

    I have recently required a 7 month old lab from our local pound and am looking for a heavy-duty, indestructible dog crate. “Gus” has eaten 1 crate as well as our bathroom door–literally! when he has gotten out, he has destroyed the house. Can you please send me pricing on your crates?

    Thank you!

  19. Hello Evelyn, Thank you for your question. We are here to help both you and your dog. You can find all our heavy duty crates listed and shown on Should you have additional questions you can use the Contact Us box in the lower right hand corner to input your questions or you can just give me a call. That number is shown on each dog crate page. Thanks so much. We are here to help. Bill

  20. Please email a price on a large crate. Thank you

  21. Hello Don and thank you for your comment. I think you will understand when I say that you will need to be a bit more specific about the size and type of crate you need. You can find all the crates here:
    Thank you again and please let me know if I can help further. Best Regards, Bill

  22. I would like to get a price also. My dog has gone thru 2 cages now bc of phobia of thunderstorms. She is 45 lbs. Please let me know. Thanks!

  23. Hello KAdams, All our crates are located here. I thank you for your inquiry. We cannot properly decide on a crate size by weight only. If I at least knew what breed your do is I might be able to recommend something for you. At 45 Lbs you could have a Pit Bull, a Beagle, a young German Shepherd or Husky. I recommend the Aluminum crates. There is so very little for your dog to chew on inside the aluminum crates. If you need additional assistance please let me know. Also I have sent you an email under separate cover, Thank you Bill Beavers

  24. Rick anderson says:

    My dog has storm issues and separation anxiety. What’s the pricing on this item?

  25. Hello Rick Anderson and thank you for your inquiry. All our crates can be found here
    Once you determine the type and size crate you need for your dog, you will see the pricing. Since I have no info on your dog I cannot answer your question. You will be able to decide once you see what we have available. Thanks again and please do let me know if I can be of service to you. All the best, Bill

  26. tracy rapp says:

    i would like a price for a pittie mix, she is around 40-45lbs , very lean and not even 36 inches tall

  27. Hi Tracy, Thanks for your question. Pittys usually go into a 35 to 37″ crate. Here are a couple of links for you so you can shop.

    And to be more specific:
    or: and lastly there is

    Good shopping. Please let me know if you have any more questions. Also, if you would like to call you will find my number on the website.

    Best Regards,

  28. Bob Gavazzi says:

    We have a 120 lb Great Dane puppy who has destroyed a heavy duty Great Dane pen (actually bend out all sides and broke welds) love your design but feel 27 inch width not wide enough for him to turn around. He is 34 inches at shoulder and at 1 year will continue to grow. Do u have any of your smart crates that will work for him. He has destroyed all his doggie day care crates and we are seeking something for him to keep him safe and it would be great if it collapses we can take it on vacation. Thank you for any help u can offer

  29. Well I apologize for the delay. I don’t check the blog comments as often as I should. I see you are already a customer. I’m glad you didn’t wait for me. How embarrassing. Now that I read about your dog I’m wondering if the crate you ordered is big enough. Hope so. Thanks for becoming a new customer. Enjoy your crate. All the best, Bill

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