My Dog Has Fleas Oh My

My dog has fleas oh my is going to be a short post mainly because I wanted you to see the video. It has a delightful song as well as a Pug puppy enjoying life with his owner.

The last “just for fun” video was Dog Beach Boogie which is well worth a visit too.

Here is the video I promised. Enjoy “My Dog Has Fleas.” It is video footage of my pug puppy Omar. Background music is Clawhammer uke version of My Dog Has Fleas by Richard Hefner.

As you have seen I’m not selling flea remedies but I would advise that you check into holistic solutions before going mainstream for a cure.

If your dog has separation anxiety-noise phobia or is just a great escape artist you may want to consider our strongest heavy duty dog crates as a tool to help get you and your strong dog to a solution. This will help manage him while you seek training advice or veterinarian advice depending on how you plan to solve the problem. Here is a story of what happened to one fellow with this same problem. Take a look and see how it turned out.

I hope you enjoyed “My Dog Has Fleas, Oh My” because it was just for fun here on the Down Home Pets blog where you find fun, facts and love for and about our pets.

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3 Responses to “My Dog Has Fleas Oh My”

  1. Cute video. Love the pup!

  2. a good flea reppellent is brewer’s yeast and garlic pills ……..

    garlic completely safe and effective not contain the same compound that makes onions, a toxic alkaloid called n-propyl sulfide
    Garlic is a wonderful natural alternative with many benefits for your pet, including

    * expectorant and antibiotic properties

    * Garlic action to cleanse the blood makes it a good preventative measure for respiratory problems and viral infections.

    * is said to help reduce the population of worms, because the sulfur content

    * It is used to fight infections.

    * shiny coat and healthy skin


  3. Oh my word, too cute! Thanks for sharing.

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