Moving or Shipping Your Pet

Moving or Shipping your pet

There comes a time when we need to move which means moving our pets. Sometimes it’s in the same town. Sometimes it’s to another state or even another country. How much consideration do we give to our pets when it’s time to move?

Pet travel can be super stressful for our special friends. There are some do’s and don’t outlined below for your future use. Whether your pet is flying, riding with you in the car or being moved by a professional pet transport company you will, at minimum, need to make sure you have the correct pet carrier.

My moves have always been close enough to move by truck. The pets went in the car on the final trip. It seemed to work fine. I can remember one trip many years ago when I brought my cat across the country by car. Poor Kitty! I didn’t have a clue and kitty was stressed the entire trip. Well, we’re older and smarter and we know to check things out before we do them these days.

Here are some important things to consider before moving or shipping your pet.

Pet Transport Do’s

  1. Plan Beforehand:  Last-minute decisions for taking them along result in buying of uncomfortable pet carriers and other bottlenecks.
  2. As far as possible, don’t change their routine till the day of moving. Walk them, feed them and play with them at the usual time so that they may remain stress-free.
  3. Get all their medical records from a local veterinarian before the moving day. Also, verify that these records are up-to-date.
  4. On a moving day, leave them with some of your friends to relieve the pressure. They tend to become stressed during the chaos of moving. You can even leave them at a daycare center.
  5. If you don’t leave them anywhere, be sure to close the doors and windows of the room where they are placed during the loading of your packed belongings. There is always a possibility of their running out due to stress.
  6. If you want to spare yourself from all the worries, you can even hire pet transport services that facilitate door to door relocation by picking up your pet a few days prior to the move and delivering it to your new location on a prescribed date.
  7. If you are moving overseas and plan to fly with your pet, inquire about any requirement of the airline with this regard. Know the facts about []flying with pets.

Pet Transport Don’ts

  1. Don’t travel with a sick pet or one with poor health. Moving stress can lead to their worsened health condition.
  2. Don’t take them on the moving van with the rest of your things! They are living creatures and can get uncomfortable.
  3. Don’t fly with puppies and kittens less than eight weeks old. They are not allowed to fly according to rules.
  4. Don’t buy a carrier that is too hard or uncomfortable. Buy one which is insulated so that your pet may remain comfortable at any temperature.

Deepa RC recommends reading more about pet relocation at [], the comprehensive directory of movers and packers companies and also a great resource for those moving into their new homes. It contains useful tips and information about the whole relocation process making it easier for everyone to relocate and settle down comfortably at their new destination.

We call our pets “family members” but I think our pets if they could, would call us their “pack” or “flock” or whatever term is appropriate for their breed and species. I think we simply need to treat them the same as we would like to be treated on moving day. Personally, I would love to be stuck in a bedroom with the cable TV going with lots of great food and drink waiting for someone to come tell me to get in the truck, we’re ready to roll.

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  1. Very informative post. Moving or shipping animals is something that should be prepared. For short travels, pets can travel with you if you take care about some importants things such as (enought space, enought air, not a too hot place, a lot of water,…). But for long removals or travel, I would really recommend a shipping company. Your “family members” definitely deserve it 🙂

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