Lyme Disease and Dogs-A Happy Ending for One Special Dog

A very good online friend of mine recently found that one of her dogs couldn’t stand up. You can imagine the panic. When Jazzy her JRT tried to walk she would simply collapse to the floor looking up at with those “help me mom” eyes. She rushed her to the vet. She was promptly diagnosed with Lyme Disease. Instead of shots and pills and a definite maybe my friend chose to try something she knew worked really well for humans so she wanted to try it on Jazzy. Here is her story in this short post.

Bert the Corgi here…Mom has been a bit busy, so I’m posting today. Just wanted to tell you all about our experience with Lyme Disease.

That hyper little Jack Russell Terrier they call Jazzy got very sick a couple days ago. She was fine one minute and all of a sudden started getting very slow and cranky. A few hours later, she couldn’t even stand up. Mom even had to carry her up and down stairs and outside to go pee.Jazzy the JRT

We have lots of black-legged ticks or deer ticks at our other home in West Virginia. Last year when my sweet little brother Chauncy, who lives at the Rainbow Bridge now, got sick, he got to go see our vet for a treat. They took us all and him and his momma, Jazzy, tested positive for Lyme Disease. Me and Princess Maisy didn’t, but then we don’t hang out in ground hog holes. Yuck! Well, Chauncy got real sick that time and after several weeks finally started feeling better. Now Jazzy was sick from those nasty ticks.

The vet wanted to give her shots and pills instead of treats, but Mom and Dad said no this time. They thought there might be a better way.

So they started giving Jazzy these drops of NCD liquid zeolite and Agarigold mushrooms on her treats. They said the drops were from some place called Waiora, and that maybe the zeolite would remove the toxins the ticks put in Jazzy and the mushroom would help her immune system fight off the disease.

They just gave her a couple drops each of the NCD liquid zeolite and Agarigold mushroom three times that day on her treats and when Jazzy woke up the next morning, she could walk outside by herself. WOW! Later that day, she was hauling her ball around again. By the third day, she was her own old, ornery self. Circling around me and acting all Alpha and stuff. What a bitch!

Anyhow, just wanted to share that. My momma, Carol says that sometimes Doctors and Vets just want to give us too many shots and pills. Sometimes natural stuff is better for us and keeps us dogs healthier and makes us live longer.

So, if any of you Corgis or other dogs out there get bit by one of those nasty Lyme Disease carrying ticks, you might just want to try this Wairoa stuff, it works.

Carol had told me about Jazzy’s symptoms and about the vet trip and the results via Skype. We all worry for anyone and their sick babies. I was so excited to hear of her success the next day when she told me what had happened. I mention this simply to confirm that this isn’t just something that somebody made up in a creative moment.

We all love a success story and this is one that caused me to breathe a sigh of relief for Carol and Jazzy too. Of course, I know Bert was happy as well. You’re invited to check out Bert’s Corgi blog to see what he’s up to as well as all the great information he has for you about caring for Corgis and dogs in general. Bert is a very cool Corgi.

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5 Responses to “Lyme Disease and Dogs-A Happy Ending for One Special Dog”

  1. Lyme disease can be hard to bear for he dogs. medications given at the right time can save dogs from all the sufferings.

    nice post

  2. I did not know that dogs could contract Lyme Disease, thanks for the information. I walk my dogs in local nature reserves where they tend to swim in both rivers and ponds.

  3. Irene Wong says:

    A happy ending for that special dog. This informative post really helps me especially we have two dogs at home. Thanks~~

  4. Well Bill, so glad I found you! Your site is so full of interesting and informative posts. I could spend ages here and probably will. Thankyou I will be back tomorrow, hoping you are having a great weekend!

  5. Carol Hansen says:

    Wow, thanks so much for sharing Jazzy’s story. She is back to her old self, racing around our 22 acres and digging up moles today. Yumm! So good to see her happy and full of energy. When your loved ones are sick it is so sad. Our 3 pups are just like kids, very special. Hope this post helps other dogs who get Lyme disease see that they have options.

    .-= Carol Hansen´s last blog ..IRIS Puppy or Dog Airline Travel Carrier Cage, 65 Pounds, Blue =-.

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