Dog vs Deer | A Very Funny Video

While searching for more great information for you, I received this video from a friend. I call it Dog vs. Deer, a hilarious video. The last time I looked, just a few over 500,000 had seen this video. Now I know there are a few million of you who haven’t seen it and would enjoy it, so I have put it in this post just for you and just for fun.

I’ve never lived in a place where Deer would come into my yard or even close to it. I don’t know if I would also allow it or try to make friends with them. I suspect that it might not be a good idea. However, there are videos of people feeding Deer on their back patios. They didn’t bother to plant a garden.

Here is Dog vs. Deer for your entertainment.

I hope you enjoyed the video. When your dog isn’t playing with a deer, the sun goes down, and it’s time for him to go to sleep in his very own Den, oh, he doesn’t have a den? Every dog needs a place to call his own even if you don’t close the door.

As I write this paragraph it is some 10 years after I wrote this post. I now have a place where deer do walk freely although wary. They are such special creatures. I can totally see a dog and deer playing together. My dog is way too small for such fun. Besides, she would chase the deer into the next county if given a chance.

We don’t see so much of the deer in the winter. Spring and summer are a different story. We sit in between their water source and their best cover so they graze and pass mostly at night. We’re happy to have them around. So far, they haven’t helped themselves to any of our plants.

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6 Responses to “Dog vs Deer | A Very Funny Video”

  1. Bill Beavers Dog Crates says:

    Hi Chums Dog Walking, One of the great things about having your own blog is that you can put up whatever you want to. So, I have a rule I don’t think I’ve ever broken. I only put up things I like, right. So, you know I enjoyed that one too. I suspect that dogs and deer playing together on a regular basis for a time might get someone hurt. Not sure if that would be the dog or the deer. Lots of hoofs all over the place there. Anyway, many thanks for your comment. All the best.

  2. GREAT video, but did everyone miss the cats on the porch watching the action?!?! Why can’t humans get along like these critters do?

  3. I located your weblog online and read a few of your various other blogposts. I just now added you to my Google News Reader. Continue the nice work. Look forward to reading much more from you in the future.

  4. Andrew Carriker says:

    Hey guys. I Andrew. And guess whos front yard that is? Mine! I’m 13 years old and this was filmed by my sister {holding the camera} and me {standing beside her} and my bro matt posted it on youtube… I’ll tell you the story of this deer: One day at a auction in our town Matt Carriker {Mlcarriker} found a baby deer malnourished and skinny. So He brought it home. And because my dad is a licensed veterinarian its legal for us to own it. So we brought it home and my brother matt was all like “what if we just call it something weird?” and my sister called him Theen. We had him locked in a cage for a few days so that our dog buddy could get used to him right there. We bottle fed him goat formula and hoped he would survive… And he did :D… So after about a week past we slowly started letting him outside. So he stayed in our one acre yard for about month and a half… And then we opened the gates so he could wander out {this was about the time we filmed the video} and what was really odd about theen is that he loved catfood and would never eat a single kernel of deer corn XD….so he has slowly turned into a wild deer on our 80 acre ranch and he joined up with a group of two deer that are the same age as him {like 2 yrs} and he only comes up to our house about once per month…

  5. i know deer are pretty strong.. I hate to see a dog get mauled by a deer .It’s adorable how the cat thinks he’s hunting the deer. Less adorable how the deer think that the dog is hunting them.

  6. Andrew Carriker says:

    As I will have to say again. Buddy is a 10 year old black lab. He’s to lazy, old, and to friendly to go kill a deer. Also, the deer was literally 4 months old here. Yes he could hit buddy but he couldnt maul him.

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