Characteristics of Cavalier King Charles Spaniels

Being the proud owner of two “Cavaliers” I would like take just a moment to go over some of the positive characteristics of  Cavalier King Charles Spaniels.

As one of the Toy breeds they are a member of the AKC Toy Dog group. They were a favorite lap dog in England where they got their start in the early 1600s with King Charles II of England. You can findlulu01allpetsblog Cavaliers appearing in portraits of European aristocracy by Rembrandt, Rubens and other painters from that era.

The first of the many characteristics of Cavalier King Charles Spaniels is their beauty and uncompromising loyalty. They are attractive and graceful. They are even tempered and playful. You will almost always see a Cavalier as a finalist in every major dog show, national and international. The Cavalier is usually 12 to 14″ tall at the shoulder. They have a silky coat, large round eyes and high set ears. Their perfect weight is 13 to 18 pounds.

There are 4 different Cavalier colors each maintaining a high level of popularity with many dog owners around the world. There is the Blenheim which is Chestnut red and white. This is the color most people instantly recognize due to media exposure over the years. Then there is the Black and Tan, the Tri-Color, a black and white with specific placement of a small amount of red and lastly the Ruby, a solid red. I have a Tri-Color and a Ruby. The Ruby was imported from Australia and has a completely different temperament from the American bred Tri-Color.
Energy level is the first characteristic I consider when choosing a dog breed. The Cavalier has a moderate energy level which means that regular walking and play is usually sufficient exercise unlike some breeds i.e. the Jack Russell Terrier, which requires consistent exercise. Best of Breed Crufts 2008 Timsa Mister Moonlighter

The Cavalier is first and foremost loving. They enjoy spending unlimited amounts of time with their owners whether just sitting, sleeping or a romp in the woods. They are good with children once a rapport is established. They are generally good at socializing with other dogs which should be a training priority. Socialization with people is also important. The first time I saw a Cavalier it was in a backpack with its’ head sticking out keeping up with everything that was happening in the room.

Cavaliers have a tendency to chase things, anything that moves. This is due to hunting instincts that remain in the breed from the Spaniel side of the breed. They cannot be trusted off leash. Because of this hunting instinct some Cavalier owners elect to provide agility training for their dogs. While this is enjoyable for the dog and the dog owner, it is not the norm in Cavalier training.

It is important that they have a home with a fence. I am so glad that we can provide a home with a yard of reasonable size for my Cavaliers to run, play and chase the cats out of their yard. I’m also very happy that I found the Money Merge Account system from United First Financial. My 29 year mortgage is scheduled to be paid off completely in 11.2 years. It’s nice to know that no matter what type of pet I have, I won’t have to worry about relocating them due to mortgage or foreclosure issues. So many pets are being simply left behind right now because their owners have not way and perhaps no place to keep them.

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