Dog Playing in Leaves Funny Video

This dog playing in leaves funny video will have you laughing or smiling for the full minute forty-five. I had to share this with you just for fun. We all need a few more reasons to smile during our day. Fall is the favorite season for many. Personally, I enjoy fall but unfortunately Winter follows so I need to grin and bear it until my favorite season…. Spring.

I have enjoyed my grands playing in leaves each year. I will miss that very much this year because we have moved and will are very far away from them now. I know they will find a mound of leaves at some point this Fall and, with memories of fun times, they will not be able to resist playing in that pile of leaves.



Fall is just starting and there will surely be much more of this doggie fun and frolic perhaps even at your house.

I hope you enjoyed this dog playing in leaves funny video. Perhaps your dog will provide you with antics worthy of your own video.

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