Do You Ever Wish You Could Train Your Dog to Do This?

Do you ever wish you could train your dog to do this? I have but you know I finally realized that it wasn’t my dog that was the training problem. I was me. My dog is a very smart and loveable dog. It’s me who doesn’t know enough to train her. Think about it.

I have known for a long time that Border Collies were close to the top of the scale when it comes to intelligence. I’ve never had one because they are a bit large for me and more importantly, they need far more exercise that I can provide. They are beautiful, smart and love people.

Here is a video of a Border Collie that does more things than are to be believed. Don’t know if you can Photoshop a video, can you.

Border Collies were introduced to Australia and New Zealand, sheep country, as early as 1858. Their lifespan is from 10 to 17 fun filled years.


So if you have room in your home and your life and have been thinking about which breed to add to your family, think about the beautiful, smart and don’t forget “active” Border Collie.

This next video just came to my attention a few days after I wrote this post. I felt I had to add it. Watch this short video of a Border Collie with no eyes do everything and do it naturally. Just one more amazing dog. I wonder how many more are out there that didn’t get on video. And now, here’s Chica.


They come in many colors so there is sure to be one that will suit your fancy. If you are interested you can check out Wikipedia for more information. If you do a Google search for Blogs about Border Collies there are pages of them. Enjoy!


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  1. That’s great. Thanks for sharing dog’s sure are amazing and can be trained to do many things. They even won last season on AGT!

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