Designer Dogs An Ongoing Debate

I have an opinion about the Designer Dog Debate. I don’t voice it often since I’m not an expert. I found an article that discusses Designer Dogs and the ongoing debate. I thought it would be of interest and service to those considering a designer dog breed. I suppose I can’t say too much against Designer Dogs since I have 2 Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, Pug, and Cocker Spaniel if I remember correctly. I know that if I’m wrong, someone will correct me. The difference is that the combining of these two breeds was done so very long ago when Kings still ruled Britain, France, and other countries in Europe. Photo Credit to Amanda Jones for this great photo of Spike the Russenji (Jack Russell-Basenji).

I think most of the Designer Dogs are gorgeous. My only concern is medical. In my opinion, not all the facts are in on medical as yet.

Here is a well-written article for your consideration. Enjoy!

It is important to note that the reigning kennel clubs do not recognize the current crop of designer or hybrid dog breeds. This is an interesting position since many of the currently recognized breeds are themselves creations of crossbreeding.

Some critics of the designer dog craze argue that dogs of mixed breeding are available at many local dog shelters. They are claiming that adoption fees at shelters are a fraction of the cost an owner may pay for a hybrid breed. Hybrid breeders counter that the lineage of adopted pound dogs cannot be traced and no better than adopting any other mutt. The money spent on a certified hybrid is worth it, citing the paper trail available on the lineage of hybrid dogs.

Adoption versus Breeding

Some advocates of canine adoption report that many dog shelters and pound rescue operations are near capacity, with more dogs being euthanized every year. This, despite increased public education campaigns promoting adoption over breeding and increased efforts to get owners to spay and neuter their dogs. Breeders of purebred and designer dogs argue that they are merely responding to market demands, providing dog fanciers with a wider variety of options.

Owner Responsibilities

Whatever side of this intense debate people are on, there is no doubt that it will continue for the foreseeable future. Dog lovers have a responsibility to consider not only their own needs but what is right for the dog. Every dog is an individual, even dogs of the same breed, though some have shared characteristics. Before choosing a dog, whether a purebred, hybrid or just an average mutt, be fully aware of the responsibilities of pet ownership and select a dog that is right for you and your lifestyle. Just as important is to make sure you are right for the dog.

If you think there may be a Designer Dog in your future, please, do your homework. There’s lots of information out there regarding this ongoing debate.

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3 Responses to “Designer Dogs An Ongoing Debate”

  1. The designer dog debate can get pretty heated. I have a site devoted to Pomskies (a mix between Pomeranians and Siberian Huskies).

    And there are a lot of critics!

  2. Katherin says:

    I support designer breeds I have a chipoo myself ( Chihuahua and poodle mix) the breeder purposely bred for him and he has no health problems whatsoever. The parents were tested before breeding to insure good quality and it’s done by someone experienced. A purebred is no more important than a designer dog.

  3. I think you have put it very well.

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