Chew Proof Dog Crate Pad | Happiness Guarantee

Chew Proof Dog Crate Pad with Happiness Guarantee

For years now, dog owners have searched for the elusive Chew Proof dog crate pad. Dog owners are still searching through the many claims of chew proof dog crate pads, mats, and beds. has a Chew Proof crate pad that works, guaranteed. It has a 1-year warranty. And try to match this: it has a 30-day happiness guarantee, which means that if you don’t like it, you can return it during the first 30 days.

Remember This: “If they can find it, they can chew it!”

More about the Chew-Proof Pad

“The chew” almost always starts on a corner of the crate mat or the edge.

“If they can’t find the corner or the edge, they can’t chew it!”Deluxe Chew Proof Crate Mat Corner Close-up

Before we covered the corners and edges, we created a crate pad whose surface is dig proof.

During production, the top layer from the same material used for spray-in bed liners in trucks. You may have this same material in your truck.

A closed-cell foam bottom layer creates a waterproof crate pad. To clarify, together, these two layers form a dig Proof, waterproof dog crate pad that, in addition to being chew-proof, has cushioned foam that provides comfort similar to an anti-fatigue mat.


Let’s look at this mat in greater detail.

  • Chew Proof design provides covered edges, covered by safe, rugged PVC
  • Mat Stays Flat so edges can’t be pulled up because of the PVC. If they can’t reach it, they can’t chew it!
  • Dig Proof Surface – Spray on truck bed liner material is used for the top layer. This means “tough!”
  • Orthopedic – our cushioned foam 2nd layer provides comfort similar to anti-fatigue mats.
  • Anti-Microbial – closed cell foam prevents liquid absorption helping to stop mold and mildew. (Waterproof)
  • Easy cleanup – wash with hose and let dry or brush off any hair. Use common disinfectants.
  • Drain holes strategically located allows for water drainage.
  • Insulating – blocks cold from floors as well as heat transfer.
  • Repairable – top mat surface is repairable if necessary—no need to discard and re-purchase.
  • Extreme UV resistance compared to other foam pads.
  • Custom Pad Sizing – we can make any size mat for your crate regardless of crate brand or size.
  • Call us with your size requirements because we can help solve your chew-proof pad problem (800) 640-1364.


Because we use spray-on truck bed liner material for the top layer, the top layer becomes dig proof – guaranteed! Have a look at this short video.


Both layers of the Deluxe Chew Proof crate pad are waterproof. What more could you ask for in a heavy-duty dog crate pad?

If you need a pad for under your crate, be sure to check these pads out.

If you have hunting dogs or dock divers, we have an extraordinary crate pad for you. It’s the Delta Performance Crate pad. It directs water away from your dog while in the kennel. That makes for a dryer, healthier dog. You can learn more about this one-of-a-kind crate pad here.


Happiness Guarantee Logo

All our TuffComfort Crate Mats come with a “100% Happiness Guarantee!”  Use your mats for 30 days, and if for any reason you don’t like it, we will provide a full refund, including shipping.

Chew Proof Warranty

If your dog chews through any part of the mat, making it unusable during the first year, we’ll issue a full refund or send you a  replacement mat, your choice.

Chew Proof Edge Warranty

Our Chew Proof crate mats have a one-year chew-proof edge warranty. If your dog chews through any part of the mat PVC edge, making it unusable, we’ll issue a full refund or send a replacement PVC edge per your choice.

We can provide a dig proof, chew-proof, and waterproof crate pad for almost any crate. Put us to the test.

Give us a call today at 800) 640-1364.

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