Bo Obama Proud Owner of a Potty Park, World’s Finest Indoor Dog Potty

Bo Obama became the  proud owner of a Potty Park, the World’s Finest Indoor Dog Potty in June of 2009. The Potty Park Indoor Dog Potty was chosen for Bo because it is the best medical grade Indoor Dog Potty in the world. Nothing but the best for our nation’s “First Dog.” Bo Obama could have had any indoor dog potty in the world. Potty Park was chosen for some very good reasons.

Bo Obama was 2 years old in October, 2010. He is a Portuguese Water Dog sometimes known as a “Portie.” The breed is hypoallergenic so daughter Malia’s allergies won’t be bothered by Bo. Bo Obama is a gorgeous dog don’t you agree.

I know you want your White House protected from “accidents” and, I’m sure Bo Obama doesn’t want to go out in the winter cold or summer heat and humidity when he needs to go. With his Potty Park Indoor Dog Potty, Bo Obama doesn’t need to go outside if he doesn’t want to.

Where a dog goes potty is a major thing. It’s as important to you, your family and to your dog as it is to Bo Obama and his family.


Bo Obama Our Nation's "First Dog"

Owning a Potty Park Indoor Dog Potty means;

•    No more accidents

•    No More yellow grass

•    No more spoiled carpets

•    No more unpleasant odors

•    No more stressed and uncomfortable dogs

•    No more dog bladder problems due to holding urine

•    No more unsightly expensive puppy training pads

•    No More Forcing Sick or Injured Dogs to Go Outside

•    No More Late Night Early Morning Toileting Walks

•    No More Taking Dogs Outside into Potentially Unsafe Environments. Use Potty Park

•    No More Going Out in inclimate weather for Dogs or their Humans using Potty Park

The Potty Park Indoor Dog Potty is made of Antimicrobial and antibacterial polyethylene surfaces which kill or inhibit the growth of viruses and micro-Organisms which helps insure hygienic conditions for you, your dog and your family. This is wonderful for puppies that haven’t yet seen the vet for their shots.

How does Potty Park work?


How do you clean the Potty Park Indoor Dog Potty?


Get all the details about Potty Park here.

Your dog can enjoy the same healthy, convenient and economical Potty Park as Bo Obama while enhancing the environment for you, your family and your dogs. It’s a great match, Bo Obama and the Potty Park Indoor Dog Potty by Eco Pet Solutions, Inc.

Did I mention that senior dogs love the Potty Park Indoor Dog Potty too? They appreciate not having to take their older selves outside in the the cold, wind or heat. I sincerely wish I had known about the Potty Park Indoor Dog Potty when I had my last senior dog. She was with me for 17 years. The last few years were difficult. The Potty Park Indoor Dog Potty would have made a world of difference.


Potty Park World's Finest Indoor Dog Potty bring smiles no matter where you live.

Bo Obama is not a small dog. He enjoys his Potty Park so it will work for your dogs too. Potty Park Indoor Dog Potty comes in 2 sizes too. Please check the Potty Park website for more information on that.

And Remember . . . . . . .

“She is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are her life, her love, her leader. She will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of her heart. You owe it to her to be worthy of such devotion.”  ~~Unknown

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Congratulations to Bo Obama, proud owner of a Potty Park, the World’s Finest Indoor Dog Potty. While we don’t know how long you will be the First Dog we know that you can always take your Potty Park Indoor Dog Potty with you when you leave. The Potty Park Indoor Dog Potty has a 5 year Limited Warranty so you, Bo Obama are covered.

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  1. Thanks for the tip, Bill! Never heard about the Potty Park before. Looks a lot better than traditional dog potties and is probably a lot more attractive for dogs too.

  2. Hi Denise, Thanks for your comment. You are correct. Potty Park is the absolute “top of the line” and by the way I visited your blog and was so impressed I tweeted it. Good work over there.

    All the best…..

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