Better With You There Thank You My Best Friend for Being There

“Better with you there” is a country styled song that says “Thank you my best friend for being there” for me all your life. This song and video is done for dog lovers that understand the value of doggie friendship. The video is done so tastefully. If they had used real dogs we would all be crying our eyes out but instead, they used paintings. Similar effects tug the heartstrings.

I can tell by the number of hits I get on my Rainbow Bridge poem post that there are many thousands of folks who love their dogs and have lost them. We all know how that goes and we all have experienced the loss.

Songs about loving our dogs

Enjoy “Better with you there” and think of your dogs that have gone on to the Rainbow Bridge. Let’s not forget those dogs that are with you now. Give them some love and appreciation because if your dogs are like so many dogs, they are giving you everything they have every minute of every day. Give thanks for those dogs, some of which are and will remain unknown, as in “Because Dogs Loved Me.”

“Better with you There” the Dog Song

A note from the Songwriter

Well…My son & I wrote it just before moving to Nashville cause he wanted to write a “country” song….and I had the idea to do a dog song….inspired of course by our 3 Jack Russells…..Hope you enjoyed it and could relate. Thanks RR ( PS…sadly since that time…we have lost Bailey our oldest Jack Russell she was 13…and got stomped by a deer in our backyard…she was OK for about 10 months after that but then the injuries started taking their toll. NOW…our middle Jack…Pete…i( 10 ) is nearing the end of the road with a rapidly growing mouth cancer…..he is the one who loved the rides in the car…..and is the reason I had the idea to put that surprise BARK in the song. We will be down to one Jack Russell ..BUG….she is only 6.

Here’s another video I just found to help end on a positive note. This is

“My Best Friend” The Dog Song by Heidi Winzinger

Even if you have a very special dog with separation anxiety they are still doing their best to give you what they can even though sometimes it doesn’t seem like it. Be just a little bit as loyal to them as they are to you. has life-changing solutions.

I hope you enjoyed Better With You There and Thank You My Best Friend for Being There the Dog song. Pass it along to another dog owner or dog lover you may know. Now go give your dog a really big hug and say “Thanks for Being here.”

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