Because Dogs Loved Me

Once in a while we all happen across a video we just have to share.

Set to the music of Celine Dion’s “Because You Loved Me” this video has been aptly named “Because Dogs Loved Me.”

If you’re a dog lover or, if you think there may be a dog in your future please take just a few minutes to salute, understand and appreciate all that our dogs have given us over their lives and ours.

This is a reminder of what dogs give to us all their lives. In short, they give us all they have and ask so little in return.


I can’t begin to imagine the chemicals ingested by those brave search dogs on 911 and days after. I can’t imagine what their feet must have looked like. We are aware of health issues of the first responders so I would imagine the medical issues for the search dogs must have been more severe. Speaking for myself, I sometimes forget the valiant efforts put forth by search dogs, rescue dogs, police dogs and of course our military dogs.

I hope you enjoy the “Because Dogs Loved Me” video. Feel free to leave a comment or forward on to others.

My thanks to ionaspolitakis who posted this video and others for your enjoyment.

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6 Responses to “Because Dogs Loved Me”

  1. Carol Hansen says:

    Wow, another great post. Yes, those dogs definitely came out with health issues. Katrina dogs suffered too. We owe service dogs for so much. We owe our own pets for the daily health benefits they give us as well. Dogs rock.


  2. Wow Bill. This video made me laugh, cry and then start all over again. What a wonderful video and boy, does it ever make you think about what those poor dogs went through on 9/11.

    Is there a rank higher than “Man’s Best Friend”? If not, there should be.

  3. Cindy Schulson says:

    Thanks so much for sharing this. I think Celine would be proud. I remember how important my dogs were to me when I was growing up, and now I’ve given that gift to my own kids. In fact, I’m going to play this video for them!
    best wishes to you,

  4. Amy Boyack says:

    This was such a beautiful tribute to all dogs. Thanks for the reminder that they matter soooooooooo much! And we love them, too.

  5. This is touching. Dogs are such an important part of my life and I try to show my two rescues each and every day how much I love and appreciate them.

  6. Stunning and humbling all at the same time. Where would mankind be without dogs and horses/beasts of burden??

    Unbelievably moving……..

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