Baxter Black and Just a Dog

When I found and heard Baxter Black and “Just a Dog” I knew I had to bring it to you.

Baxter Black says many of the things we would all like to say even though our dog didn’t live on a ranch but in the city. Our home was his home and he or she protected it the best they could either by bark or growl. No one entered my home she didn’t like because this was and is a home of dogs, members of the family and they have a say in what goes on here. They make their presence known.

I have two such dogs like the one Baxter Black talks about, buried out back side by side, keeping

Little LuLu

Our Little LuLu left us suddenly this year.

us company in our memories still present but not seen. They both gave all they had and were so loved and appreciated for it. The best gift I can give in return now is to never forget them.

I write this at 5:00 a.m. a time at which I am the most melancholy, filled with memories and thoughts of the past, the good times and the bad hoping for daylight to sometimes wash it all away until next time.

For my sweet Shotzie and my sweet LuLu, here’s thinking of you:

Baxter Black and “Just a Dog”


If you’ve been a dog person for any length of time you will be able to relate to what has been said here. A special salute to those who have come into our lives, loved us unconditionally and moved on finding their way back home and to the Rainbow Bridge. In appreciation for their loyalty and love we appreciate the dogs we have now even more because you taught us how to love while you were with us.

Shotzie My Doxie

Shotzie our Doxie with us for 17 years. We still miss you.

Here’s a quote I like to put at the end of many of my posts. It is so true and will never go out of style and will never be untrue for dogs give us everything they have.

“She is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are her life, her love, her leader. She will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of her heart. You owe it to her to be worthy of such devotion.”  ~~Unknown

And for those dogs of ours who have gone home let us not be sad for too long. They came, they gave and we enjoyed each other for a time and when that time is past life must go on. That’s the way they would want it. They taught us unconditional love so lets pass some of the love on to another deserving dog.

I hope you enjoyed Baxter Black and “Just a Dog” as much as I did. I have always been so fortunate. I’ve never had what some call a “difficult” dog. For you that have, and currently have, continue to love them and see if they don’t “get it” at some point and come around. That’s what they want to do and it’s why they are here.

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5 Responses to “Baxter Black and Just a Dog”

  1. What a beautiful post, Bill. Am I surprised to learn you too had a black dachshund named Schatzi? Not really. My Schatzi was the first dog who was truly mine in both the order of the family and in spirit.

    After Schatzi the blessings continued with another black dachshund named Snooker, and a red one, “Chili Bean”. Like Baxter, I am positive they will be in my future. How could they not when they were so much a part of my past?

    At my age I think there is probably one great relationship yet to unfold with another dachshund. Time will tell.

    Like any family member, our beloved dogs, horses, or cats, never truly leave us. They are as faithful in memory as in life. And, as it always was, as long as we keep them planted in the rich soil of our hearts they will never fail to be there when we need them.


  2. Thank you Lynn for your beautiful comment. Yes, Shotzie was a Black Doxie. Her brother Max was a Chocolate Doxie. Their father was 1/4 Chihuahua. Not sure what difference that made but I took it as a positive thing. Shotzie was the smartest dog I’ve ever had. She was total mother to the other 2 we got while she was still with us. Don’t what the thing is with Black Doxies but I think they’re fantastic. I wanted another one but my wife said “don’t think so” so on we go.

    There has to be some divine design when it comes to pets otherwise they could not and would not affect us to our core with love.

    Thanks again for your comment and I hope some will visit you at for some great insights into God, Horses, and other informative topics.

  3. Bill Beavers Dog Crates says:

    Thanks for your comment Lynn. I’m so happy to hear that you have such great memories of your Black Doxies. My Shotz was the smartest dog I think I’ve ever had.

    I know there is something Divine in the dog human relationship otherwise why would their unconditional love reach the core of us humans.

    All the best to you and yours.

  4. What a great post, Bill. Brought tears to my eyes as I remembered our little Chauncy and our Doxie, Poochie. We lost Chauncy to a speeding car on his second birthday, his beloved Frisbee still in his mouth. So sad, but he brought us so much joy and I think he enjoyed his short life with us. He was so smart and loving, there’ll never be another Chauncy. We still miss him so much and I know he’s over at the Rainbow bridge with Poochie, our old Doxie, just waiting for us. Poochie was a long haired Red Doxie and my constant companion when I drove truck over the road. She was the best behaved dog we ever had. Almost human sometimes. My son now has a blue merle Doxie named Schatzi. Great little dogs. Thanks for the post.

  5. Thanks Carol for your comment and sorry for you loss. All us dog lovers have stories to tell about the ones who meant so much but had to go at some point. Such memories though.

    When thinking about another dog I wanted a long-haired doxie but my wife said no. I didn’t ask her why but just assumed it would be difficult for her having another Doxie.

    Thanks again for your comment and all the best to you and your family.

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